Friends of the HRL: Twin Cities

HRL: Massachusetts logo
HRL: Massachusetts - Baldwinville, MA

The original HRL league where this one got its roots over 20 years ago is still going strong! Also the home of the Steve Spot page.

Fat Bastard Wiffleball logo
Fat Bastard Wiffleball - Harvard, MI

Rings, EZ-E & Co. put on one of the best wiffle parties we have ever seen, and are true ambassadors to the game and great friends.

Fat Bastard Wiffleball logo
The Wifflehouse - Essexville, MI

A.G. has the backyard every wiffler dreams about, and eats, sleeps and drinks wiffle. His annual tourney was a can’t miss wiffle event. Great times.

Iowa WiffleSlam logo
Iowa WiffleSlam - West Des Moines, MI

This tournament weekend was the stuff of legend among HRL brethren. Mark, Dave, Sam & Co. were awesome hosts and still great wiffle friends.

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