As a result of the lackluster fan attendance displayed at their games in the 2009 season, the HRL Blue Jays hired a marketing staff during the offseason with the sole focus of bringing their rabid, passionate fans out to the ol’ ballpark.  Their tireless efforts in the office have resulted in a radical concept, and the first of its kind in the six year history of HRL: Twin Cities…

 Promotional Nights!

On five nights this season, BJ fans in attendance will be treated to giveaway items that celebrate the BJ players, as well as great moments throughout the history of the franchise. Here’s a quick look at what BJ fans have in store during the 2010 season:


May 6 vs. Twins (Central Park, Hopkins) –  Shameless Inc. presents: ShamWow commemorative ShamWow night!  It’s incredible to think back on all of the successful moments that the Blue Jays had in their inaugural season: Their first win against the Red Sox, two players in the n00b-Star game, two in the Fun-Star game, sweeping the Colt .45’s… All wonderful accomplishments, but they pale in comparison to actually having one player become a HRL record breaker in his first season. The first five fans in attendance will receive  a custom printed ShamWow towel that commemorates ShamWow’s all-time league worst batting average – complete with a boldly displayed .060, and perfect for waving in the air like a “Homer Hanky”! As a bonus, ShamWow himself will also be in attendance and will be made available to autograph the towels after the game (or during the game if it means he’ll miss AB’s).


June 3 vs. White Sox (Central Park, Hopkins) – 267th Day Anniversary of the Jays’ First Playoff Win and Poster Night! Do you remember where you were on the evening of September 10, 2009? The BJ’s do. They were at Sky Hill Park, watching the Sex flail away helplessly as Shandy mowed them down en route to the 20th seeded Blue Jays’ first ever playoff win in their very first playoff game. Who can forget the moment when Vlade’s majestic 2 run homerun sailed over the centerfield fence, or the moment when TwoBat frantically yanked Pepsi off the mound too little too late? The first five fans in attendance that come to relive the magic of that special night will receive an 11”x14” poster that features all of your favorite Blue Jay players as well as a nod to their first playoff victims. In addition, the first five fans 21 years of age and over will also receive a complimentary Watermelon Ice served TwoBat style, complete in a pink cup with a paper umbrella and twisty straw!



July 15 vs. Reds (Pilot Knob Park, Eagan) – Focker presents Bedpan Night!* The Jays will take their promo show on the road for a week to recognize one of the great scholars on the club (well, really the only scholar). Who among us doesn’t dig a nurse? Now, granted, the BJ’s recognize that most of their fans think one thing when asked that question, but in this case we’re talking about their slugger, Focker. As he continues on toward the end of his education and will soon begin his pursuit of a career in the nursing field, the Jays feel that it’s prudent to acknowledge and celebrate his hard work and what better way than with a bedpan featuring the Blue Jays logo? Only slightly used, the babies also work well as beer holders when filled with ice. The first five fans in attendance will receive one of these keepsakes, and they’re sure to be a hot item, so the line will begin forming at the Pilot Knob gates on July 14th – tents are permitted.

*Disclaimer: The Blue Jays recognize that Palpatine will be on the field for bedpan night, but this is entirely coincidental.


July 19 vs. Expos (Sky Hill Park, Eagan) – Canada Night! After years year in the making, the day has finally arrived in which the two most esteemed, Canadian named franchises in the HRL meet in the rink. It’s like Michael J. Fox vs. Tom Green. Like Eugene Levy vs. Jason Priestly. Like William Shatner vs. Donald Sutherland. Like… Well, you get the picture. Adding spice to the already tension filled drama of this event are the two best looking men in the HRL, cousins Madman and Vlade, meeting face-to-face on the ballfield for only the second time in their 60-something combined years on Earth. What is the only thing that could add any more importance to this incredible event? Canadian music and cured meat. The first five fans 21 years of age and older in attendance will receive a “Canadian Care Package”, chock full of items handpicked by BJ’s mega star, Eddie Bauer. Look for iconic Canadian items such as a Barenaked Ladies CD, a chunk of Canadian bacon, and a can of Kokanee beer. According to Eddie, this combination of goods “works every time”. Good luck, fellas!


August 12 vs. Braves (Central Park, Hopkins) – Vlade presents Beard Night! In recent years, the Minnesota Twins have celebrated Joe Mauer’s sideburns by giving away stick-on versions of his famous facial hair. Why have they done that? Because Mauer isn’t man enough to grow a full beard, that’s why! Fortunately, the BJ’s have such a rugged dude on their team. He goes by the nickname Vlade… for a reason. The first five fans in attendance will receive a replica of one of the great beards in the HRL - Vlade’s. 

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# deesnider
Monday, April 12, 2010 9:30 AM
Monday, April 12, 2010 1:33 PM
A little disappointed that there's nothing on June 10th...maybe a 19th vs. 20th seed night?
# Vlade
Tuesday, April 13, 2010 1:10 PM
I checked in with the marketing department Toonces, and a 19 vs. 20 promo was discussed, however, they determined that a more fitting acknowledgement of the BJ's playoff run would be to further remind the Sex of the fact that they were a much MUCH higher seed, and still lost to a bunch of no talent hacks.
Wednesday, April 21, 2010 8:15 AM
"*Disclaimer: The Blue Jays recognize that Palpatine will be on the field for bedpan night, but this is entirely coincidental." I LOL'D

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