I’ve limited my years and years of research on this matter to only HRL teams from Eagan for this in-depth analysis. Not because in the first three years I’ve been in the HRL so far, the only Hopkins teams still in existence that I have played are the Nationals and the Giants, but mainly due to the fact that there is nothing worth mentioning in life that comes from West of Saint Paul. 


First things first, let’s start with everyone’s “favorite” self-appreciating team from Eagan, the Reds. The Reds have built their team under the standard format of an old-school wrestling faction. They work as a team to slowly take down their opponents (constantly putting the ball in-play, solid pitching). They have old guys, young guys, guys that are here just for the paycheck, guys that are chasing past glory. So I think the perfect wrestling comparison is…. Evolution.


Ric Flair is Palpatine
Triple H is Seuss
Batista is Hardball
Randy Orton is Handsome Mat

Not pictured here are Wole and Pooh Bear


Next up are the Phillies/Padres. They broke loose from the old system in Hopkins and joined the up and coming city in Eagan a few years back and made an immediate impact. They have a roster that looks great on paper (even though deep down inside everyone knows they are slightly past their prime), but every once in awhile they can still put on a great show. They realize that their core has seen their better years, so they have added some younger talent to do the majority of the heavy lifting (running relentlessly). So I think the perfect wrestling comparison is…. New World Order.