The HRL mid-summer classic will soon be upon us and this year the hope is to draw as large an audience as ever.  A few changes have been made with the idea in mind to increase the attendance once again for one of the best nights of the summer.  Here is a rundown of this years’ schedule:


Location - Sky Hill Park (Saturday, July 11th)

5:00 PM – Fun Stars Game (4 Innings or 45 min)

5:00 PM – HR Derby (Open to all league members in attendance)

6:00 PM – “Old Timers” Game (4 Innings or 45 min)

7:00 PM – HR Derby Finals (Top 2 HR hitters throughout the night)

7:20 PM – All Star Game (9 Innings)


Fun Stars Game

  • 4-5 participates voted on by the league from each city

“Old Timers” Game

  • Former members of the HRL
  • 4+ players per team
  • Team captains selected by Dr. Seuss

HR Derby

  • Open entry to all league members
  • Entry of $5, winnings split between top HR hitter and league fund
  • Each player gets 10 outs to hit as many home runs as possible (An out is registered when a player swings at a pitch and does not hit a home run)
  • The top 2 HR hitters from 5 PM – 7 PM will compete in the Finals for the title
  • HRs do not carry over from previous round

All Star Game

  • 8 hitters, 4 pitchers and 1 voted Fielder per team
  • Top 4 pitchers per city as voted on by the league members (Regardless of team affiliation)
  • Top 8 hitters per city as voted on by the league members
    • Each team must be represented by either one of the 4 pitcher spots or 8 hitter spots
    • If a team does not have a rep from one of the top 4 voted pitchers, or top 8 voted hitters, the hitting MVP for that team (as voted by the league) will take the last hitting spot.  This will bump the hitter with the fewest votes so long as their team is already represented.
  • Top 1 Fielder per city as voted on by the league members
    • Other fielder during game will be a rotation of any of the other members of that city’s team
  • Pitching rotation will be 3 innings for top pitcher and 2 innings for pitchers 2-4
    • Team to determine the order of pitchers during the game


Voting for All Star Night will open next week (June 22) and voting will close on July 2.  This should give us enough time to confirm everyone’s availability for the evening.  Hope most of you can make it out.



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