So with another GREAT HRL season coming to an end we are going to take a look at the FINAL two weeks of the season with still a lot of questions not answered and divisions and playoff spots up for grabs.


Lets start with my beloved city of EAGAN:


With the Reds & Yankees already clinching there divisions the wild card spot is still wide open and it’s a 3 team race for that final spot between the Phillies, Kardinals, & Pilots. We are going to take a look at each team and see who might come out on top.


PHILLIES: Record 21-14

They have 4 games left and they are against the scrappy Astros and a very tough opponent the Pilots.  Their Playoff hopes might come down to that final series with the Pilots but right now they have a 1 game lead over the Kardinals and from head to head match up the Kardinals look like they have the tiebreaker. The Phillies need to go at least 3-1 in order to clinch the final Playoff berth.


KARDINALS: Record 20-15

The Kardinals also have only 4 games left against the Yankees and Marlins. Even though they are 1 game out of the last wild card spot they might have the easiest road to win it. With the Yankees already having the division wrapped up they are more likely to rest their players for the Playoffs. The Marlins just sustained a big time injury with the lost of Neut who was there Heart & Soul of the team it will be even tougher for the Fish to pull off the upset. If the Kardinals can some how win the final 4 games they will have clinched the final Playoff berth.


PILOTS: Record 17-15

The Pilots right now have the slimmest chance for the wild card but they do have 6 games left in their season going up against Reds, Angels & Phillies. But before they look ahead to that final series of the season for them against the Phillies they have a tough task ahead cause first on that list of games is the defending Eagan Champions the Reds. In order for them to even have a shot they must sweep the Reds, which will be very hard to do. Especially when 1 of their main players Rex has been playing part time. As of right now the Pilots might have to roll the dice and take there chances winning a spot through Wifflepolooza.


So now that Eagan is done lets move on over to the city of Hopkins where there is even more craziness there. It’s another 3-team race as well with the White Sox, Devil Rays, & Twins in the mix for that coveted wildcard spot. But a 4th team better be careful case they can find them selves on the outside looking in but we will get to that 4th team in just a moment. But first up the….


WHITE SOX: Record 23-11

The White Sox right now are in the drivers seat clinging onto the final wildcard spot by ½ a game. They have the toughest road out of all the teams in Hopkins with 3 games against the HRL World Series Champions the Nationals and their final series against the Devil Rays. That final series could determine your wildcard winner in Hopkins, but for now if the White Sox can steal even just 1 game from the Nationals they will take there chances going into the final series against the Devil Rays.


Devil Rays: Record 22-11

The SUPER BEST FRIENDS have 4 games left against Americas Team the Blue Jays, and you guessed it the White Sox. They right now have the 2nd easiest remaining schedule. If these guys can go 3-1 in there final 4 games they will be in the Playoffs and trust me this team is very dangerous if they get in.


TWINS: Record 16-14

The Twins are a very tough squad. Even though there record doesn’t show it this is 1 team no one wants to see. They have the easiest schedule of the remaining teams with 8 games left. They are against the Pirates, 2 series with the Giants and the Braves.  I can see this team sneaking into the playoffs and even…dare I say it winning their division. There best chance is to win their next 6 games on the schedule (2 against the Pirates and 4 against the Giants) to really put the pressure on the division leader.


Oh Did I mention a 4th team earlier. Oh that’s right folks lets talk about that team as they would be the…


BRAVES: Record 19-11

This team is a mainstay in the HRL when it comes talking about the Playoffs. This year though they have been flying under the radar and its worked. They have 6 games left against the Yankees, Angels, & Twins. If they win there next 4 games in a row they will be in the drivers seat just needing to win 1 game against the Twins. But if they go 3-1 or even 2-2 well that final series with the Twins looms large, and if they get swept by the Twins then its Wifflepolooza for these guys.


Well there you have it another wild and crazy season almost in the books but the best part is yet to come so STAY TUNED!!!



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