2016 HRL All Star Night

Saturday, July 23rd

The voting is complete, and the 2016 Hopkins vs. Eagan All Star, Fun Star and Noob Star rosters have been elected!  This year’s mid-summer classic will take place at Hopkins, Central Park and will feature the All Star game as the HRL’s best from their respective cities go head to head for the 12th time.  The Fun Star Game will see the former HRL Commissioner, Truck, lead Eagan’s most fun against current Commissioner H8R’s Hopkins Fun Stars.  The night will also feature the return of the Noob Star game as the future of Hopkins and Eagan go head to head for the first time in many years.  All Star night will also feature a running HR Derby where any HRL fan or player can pay $5 to see how many HRs he/she can hit before recording 10 outs (any swing not resulting in a HR is considered an out).  Whoever hits the most HRs in one round before the end the night will get half of the pot, with the other half of the money going to the HRL league fund.


The timeline for the evening is as follows:

4:00 - The running HR Derby begins, as well as drinking and grilling (BYOE, the E stands for Everything)

5:00- Fun Star game (4 innings or 45 minutes, whichever occurs first)

6:00- Noob Star game (4 innings or 45 minutes, whichever occurs first)

7:00- All Star game (9 innings)


Eagan All Stars/Fun Stars/Noob Stars:

All Star Hitters:

Tootin (Cardinals)

JC (Padres)

Catfish (Marlins)

Dr. Seuss (Reds)

Sam (Dodgers)

Cobra Kai (Cardinals)

Rocket (Yankees)

Rocky (Yankees)


Next alternates: Old Yeller (Dodgers)


All Star Pitchers:

Dr. Seuss (Reds)

Palpatine (Reds)

Hardball (Dodgers)


Next alternates:  Old Yeller (Dodgers), Shirls (Padres)


All Star Fielder:

Schnoogens (Marlins)


Next alternates:  Joel (Rockies), Pooh Bear (Reds)


Eagan Manager:  Dr. Seuss


Fun Stars:

Half Pint (Bears)

Wild Bill Curious (Bears)

Coop (Padres)

Panther (Bears)

Westy (Bears)


Next alternates:  TT (Marlins), Butch LaFond (Marlins)


Eagan Manager:  Truck (Bears)

Noob Stars:

Joel (Rockies)

Curt (Rockies)

Epstein (Dodgers)

Captain Jack (Pirates)

Sully (Bears)


Eagan Manager:  Epstein (Dodgers)


Hopkins All Stars/Fun Stars/Noob Stars

All Star Hitters:

Smallpox (Devil Rays)

Griz (Devil Rays)

Hondo (Nationals)

Web Gem (Rangers)

Two Bat (Devil Rays)

Chops (Braves)

Beardface (Nationals)

Eddie Bauer (BJs)

All Star Pitchers:

Web Gem (Rangers)

Huck Finn (White Sox)

Taco (Nationals)


Next alternates:  Two Bat (Devil Rays)


All Star Fielder:

Griz (Rays)


Next alternates: Jon-E-Manziel (Astros)


Hopkins Manager: Web Gem


Fun Stars:

Eddie Bauer (Blue Jays)

Spaz (White Sox)

Vlade (Blue Jays)

Taco (Nationals)

H8R (Devil Rays)

Nelson (Twins)

Jon-E-Manziel (Astros)


Hopkins Manager:  H8R (Rays)


Noob Stars:

Jon (Rangers)

Kyle (Rangers)

Andrew (Braves)


Hopkins Manager:  Kyle (Rangers)

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