“And There Off!” - Mar 3 2018

The HRL Winter Meeting 2018 was held at the beautiful Gluek’s in DT Minneapolis on Saturday, March 3rd and drew a festive grouping of team representatives and leadership from all 20 of HRL Eagan and Hopkins franchises.

The meeting kicked off with a short message by Smallpox and afterward league leadership H8R and Web Gem took over and Winter Meeting 2018 began.

The duo did a fantastic job of keeping the rather rowdy and anxious group of HRL’ers on task; taking them through talk of prompt game starts, the discussion and subsequent vote on franchise names including the changing of names, the use of minor league names, and the status of retired HRL franchise names aka the Founding Fathers, and finally the drawing of teams for divisional realignment in both Eagan and Hopkins.

Following a short diatribe by Eddie Bauer of the Blue Jay’s on the importance of HRL’ers being philanthropic and exercising volunteerism and repping our brotherhood, H8R took time to thank Web Gem for his unselfish and dedicated service to HRL. Web graciously brushed off the applause and asked the room to consider what each of us could consider doing on behalf of HRL to keep it the smoothly running, well-oiled machine that it is today as he may consider a hiatus of sorts in the future. The room seemingly thoughtfully considered his request as a call to action. 

Lost in the night were the introductions of the representatives in attendance from the two newest franchises in HRL. The boyish good looks of Face, representing the newest Hopkins club couldn’t throw shade on the rugged charm and chiseled arms of Kong, the manager and long ball hopeful for Eagan’s newest contingent - The Orioles. Lest we forget to mention, draped on Kong’s rippling bicep, Orioles Team President, the beautiful RaeRae.

The night closed with an exhausting sigh; some were headed home to make contact with players and prospects or shop for team merchandise and others, well let’s face it, were off to continue the nights festivities at several downtown establishments.

All said Winter Meeting 2018 was a smashing success and all teams are undoubtedly ready to begin their quest for HRL glory.

Play Ball!

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# merkong
Monday, March 5, 2018 6:51 PM
Great article Kong!

Hey thanks merkong.

No problem dude. Hey, are you H8R’s dad? I mean he’s got your pipes.

IKR? But no. Haha.

# Catfish
Monday, March 5, 2018 9:23 PM
Welcome to the league, gents...

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