Welcome to the very first HRL "Fun Player of the Week"!

"Fun Player of the Week" is sure to be a bigger, more desirable award than that other turd being handed out weekly, the HRL "Player of the Week", that nobody wants. Every sports league in the country has a "Player of the Week" award - the NBA, NFL, MLB, probably that stupid eSports league - all of them. Who has a "Fun Player of the Week" award? HRL, that's who.

Let's get to it...

Our nomiees this week were:

Tootin, nominated by Evan (who needs a goddam nickname, stat). Nobody loves some Tootin like Tootin. Any reason to whoop it up and celebrate himself is more than welcome. Hit multiple long balls outside of the foul pole? Hell yeah! Scream, trot, drink, whatever - chicks dig the long ball whether it's fair or not. It's Tootin Time, biches!

Other nominees this week:


Apparenly no other fun was had during Opening Week. Rumors circulated that there may have been smoked meat and newly built bars elsewhere in the league, but nobody could verify this info. If it was verified by anybody in attendance at those games, no nominations were sent in to myself or Eddie Bauer, so we have no choice. The very first HRL "Fun Player of the Week" is....



(and it's damn travesty)

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