St. Paul, MN (Reuters) - All good things...go in circles?

The Cubs front office has announced the return of the Steves as general managers and owners of the franchise.  With Dee's recently added responsibilities as Commissioner of the league, there were grave concerns about his ability to effectively manage day-to-day team operations, including his stated goal of producing a 4th ROY winner.

Steve1 and Steve2 will assume their old roles immediately while Dee will once again be just a player.  Note this is a permanent transition back.

* In all seriousness, the time I have to spend on the HRL from year-to-year hasn't really changed, but obviously I have more on my plate, meaning I felt I needed to give one or the other up.  I enjoyed the opportunity the Steves gave me and learned a lot about running a team for a season.  But also in the long run I'm fine with being just a player. *

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brent pearson
# brent pearson
Monday, July 5, 2010 3:31 PM
How do you join this league? Are there any openings?

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