Week 1 Players of the Week:

First of all, welcome to the players of the week! We need content, and I am here to give you content. I will be doing these every week for pitchers and hitters from both cities. Here’s to a great season!


Pitcher: Super Dave

There were a few candidates for this in week one as the bats seemed to still be frozen from the long winter for a few teams. I went with Super Dave because of the lineup he shut down. First start with a new team? Jitters? No thanks. From the other field at Valley, I saw Dave SHOVE against one of the better teams and lineups in Hopkins.

Honorable Mention: Taco. Per usual Taco did Taco things against the Seamen.

Hitter: Nutshot

It didn’t take long for me to see that Nutshot clearly had the best night in Hopkins for teams who got their stats in *cough* TwoBat *cough*. .526 with 4 bombs on night one against veteran pitching? Really an easy call here.



Pitcher: Epstein

Sure I could give this to either of the Yankees starters but that would be too easy. You shut down the n00bs. No offense to those guys (they seem like good peeps) but they aren’t supposed to be world beaters from day 1. We gave up 1 hit in 2 games to the Marlins in one of our first years and I still feel bad about it. Maybe lob a few and hope the O’s want to come back for week 2? Epstein takes week 1 honors by shutting down the defending Eagan champs in a rematch of last year’s Eagan championship. Well done, young blood.

Hitter: Rocket

When you’re team scores 27! Runs in 2 games to start the year, someone should get some recognition, even if it against against the noobs. I could have picked almost anyone in the Yankees lineup this week, but I’ll take the leadoff hitter here who hit .700 with a bomb and 6 rbi. Not a bad first week.

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Monday, May 14, 2018 5:02 PM
Know what would be gr8 with these? Team names. I don't even know who half these guys are.
Tuesday, May 15, 2018 4:14 PM
Know what would be great with these? Team names. I don't even know who half these guys are.

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