Players of Week 2!

Welcome back to another exciting week of wiffles. Another beautiful week of wiffs and the Reds are still yet to play a game. Some folks in the league have created the fun player of the week to compete with this award but when you get one nomination each week, is it really that prestigious? Anyway, down to the real player of the week award, something Vlade won’t win considering he’s still coasting off of his batting title from the last century.


Hitter of the week: K-Mart

This one, for me, is a relatively easy win this week. There were a few pitching duels around the league but K-Mart wanted nothing to do with it. Granted this was the first time I had been to Harley Park, but K-Mart hit one of the furthest balls I’ve seen on any wiffleball field. Couple that with the sexual moaning at the plate and 8-15 with 4 bombs and 12 rbi? Sounds like a hitter of the week to me.

Pitcher of the week: Thunderson

Pitching against his old squad, Thunderson dominated. Are they the best hitting lineup? No. But they can play mind games with the best of em and I’m sure they did what they could to get into Thunderson’s head. Needless to say, this didn’t work as he shut out the Blue Jays to the tune of 6 innings, 2 hits and 9ks in an 8-0 victory. Welcome to the pitcher of the week club, Thunderson!



Hitter of the week: Sanchez

There are a few people who may have a gripe about this, and rightfully so. There were a few guys who stuffed the stat sheet this week. Sanchez wins this week for a couple of different reasons. First of all, he went 5-10 with 2 bombs and 8 rbi in a sweep of the n00bs. Secondly, and most important, he collected his 1,000th rbi in his HRL career. Needless to say, an impressive feat from one of the veterans and all-time great HRL hitters. Congrats to Sanchez!

Pitcher of the week: Rex

Again some solid pitching performances around Eagan last week. But this week I gotta give it to Rex. The guy shows up may every other week and ALWAYS has the riser working. I could barely hit the zone when I pitched every week and Rex shows up and shuts out the defending Eagan champs allowing 2 hits, 7 ks, and no surprise, walking no one.

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