As expected, week one of the “HRL Fun Player of the Week” was nothing short of a disaster. Sure, the “HRL Player of the Week” was a rollicking success. Any goofball with internet access and a working monitor can ogle box scores and to you who got a lot of hits, and who had a lot of strikeouts, but it takes a village (shoutout to Spaz) to determine who the funnest of the fun is. The HRL Fun Player of the Week Committee can’t be everywhere at once.

We don’t know who dropped trou to take a leak just as Maxine, the 75 year old dog walker, strolled past. We don’t know who crushed a full can of Steel Reserve against their forehead before slamming it down their gullet. We don’t know who Pork Buoy molested. All of these are fun things that the committee can’t always be privy to in person, which is why we count you, the HRL public, to help us out, and even though week one was tough with just one nomination, everybody really came through this week, and with your diligence and support, we were shocked and amazed to see our inbox filled with week two nominations such as this one from H8R who nominated Rustler n00b, Stache:

“I submit Stache from the Wrustlers.  He was playing on the other field against the Giants.  I didn’t hear much chatter over there but we were having good conversations on the Rangers bench and with the D-backs all night.  After the 3rd or 4th time 'Stache' threw in his two cents i thought "this guy is going to fit in great and i need to submit him for both fun and eavesdropping player of the week."  I don't remember what he said, but most seemed to be good takes.  I assume he won’t win this week, because one of the 2 judges might not want any competition when it comes to throwing their two cents in others conversations, but i still will nominate Stache”.

Digging deeper into the ol’ mailbag we found…

No more nominations. We were just having fun with you when we said we had a full inbox.

The legendary TR8R is the peak of fun for week two as the only submitter. Let that sink in for the next week, and think about what you’ve all done as you’re submitting your nominees for week three’s “Fun Player of the Week”.

Congratulations to STACHE who becomes the first rookie ever to win HRL’s FUN PLAY OF THE WEEK.


Honorable Mention: Even though they weren’t nominated, an honorable mention this week goes to the schedule makers and Mother Nature who have left the Reds off of the schedule so far this season. Less Reds = more fun!

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