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That’s a rap.  All Star Night is complete and Hopkins was victorious once again.  In reality, on a night like we had on Saturday, we all won (cue the “everyone gets a trophy” comments).  But that is the whole point of All Star Night.  Hang out, do some drinking (juice boxes if your name is Squirrel), socialize and play some games (props to the O’s for the Bird’s Nest setup with grilling, tents, bean bags, etc). 

The aptly named Fun Star game was just that.  Fun.  Period.  To be honest, I have no idea what happened because the HR Derby was going on next door, but I hear there was a big bat, a little bat, a Two Bat, and a crowbar.  So that sounds like a party.

Many participants again for the open HR Derby.  The added tweak of bonus balls for the final out proved to make a difference in the competition for bragging rights.  The Finals were a 3 way tie between Box, Jet Plane and Psych.  With one out left, Psych could not put one more over the fence and the noob Jet Plane was the winner of the 2018 HR Derby.

The main event started off with a bang.  There were no runs scored in the first 3 innings, and I don’t think there was even a hit.  The bang was actually a bag, a grab bag for the Hopkins squad.

As for the game itself, the scoring started with a 2 run HR by the derby champ, Jet Plane.  Another HR in the 6th for Hopkins by Clark all but put the game out of reach with Eagan in a 5-0 hole.  Sanchez got 1 back for his squad late in the game, but it was too little, too late.  Hopkins prevails over Eagan, 5-1.

Thanks again to all who made it out.  It really was the best night of the year we’ll see at the fields in 2018.


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