The Dodgers have made their first World Series this season. There have been many memorable moments and games in their 3 year existence. Before game 1 begins, let’s take a stroll through the anals of Dodger history.

Top 10 Moments in Dodger Franchise History

#10: Dodgers lose Hardball, Yeller, and Shandy in the 2016 offseason.
After a heartbreaking defeat to the Reds in the 2016 playoffs, Epstein lost 3 of his early franchise icons. They all left to “chase championships” though fell remarkably short in the next 2 seasons. This was bittersweet for GM Epstein. It’s never easy losing 3 fan favorites, though it forced the front office to rebuild quickly and pursue other free agents.

#9: May 9th, 2016. Dodgers first franchise win*
Fun fact: The Dodgers technically lost their first ever win. Explanation: On May 9th, the Braves and Dodgers met at Sky Hill for interleague play. After 6 innings the Dodgers were down 2-3, but neither team realized that was the end of the game. In the bottom of the 7th, HPV and Shandy went back to back HR to walk off a 4-3 victory. It wasn’t until the following day when DJ emailed Web Gem noticing the glitch on both scoresheets. League Brass decided the win would still be awarded to us. Woo!

#8: Dodgers lose to Reds in 2016 Eagan Round 1 Playoffs
The 2016 Dodgers finished 23-12, good enough for the Eagan Wild Card. After going 0-3 and not scoring a single run off the Reds all season long, it seemed like a long shot to beat them. It was. Game 1 was a quick 2-0 loss and Game 2 was over in a hurry 6-1. Epstein’s biggest regret as manager came in this game, benching Moobs, Yeller, and Hardball to maintain a 3 man lineup. Never again will Epstein bench players.

#7: Dodgers lose to Kardinals in 2017 Eagan City Finals
A humbling loss to the Kardinals brought the Dodgers back to earth after a Round 1 victory. Lessons were learned though, which brought the Dodgers more success in 2018.

#6: Dodgers receive their league invite
On September 22nd, 2015, Dr. Seuss Twitter DMed John Cronin about the possibility of joining the league. John thought it over briefly and quickly said yes.

#5: Dodgers sign Hardball, Yeller, and Shandy
Not often do you see a 17 year old GM sign such studs. Yeller was the reigning MVP. Hardball finished 3rd in MVP voting (and won Most Improved). Shandy was the Hopkins Cy Wiffle runner up. 3 elite players signed with the Dodgers which secured John’s nickname of Epstein. Since then, he’s never stopped hustling to sign talent.

#4: Dodgers sign Cheerio, HPV, and Moobs
After getting into the league, Epstein’s first move as manager was to lock down a franchise core. HPV and Cheerio were coming off their rookie seasons at Shed Field and eager to continue their wiffleball careers on the next biggest stage. Moobs was a fellow classmate in AP U.S. History and had recently made his wiffleball debut in the Shed Field playoffs. The 3 would come together and sign long term deals with the club.

#3: Dodgers defeat the Reds in 2017 Eagan Round 1 Playoffs
Sometime in the 2017 regular season, Epstein declared the Reds/Dodgers series a rivalry. That comment was ridiculed by Nightmare and the Dodgers never forgot. On August 21st, 2017, Evan “Pysch” Sibbet fired the first shots in the “War to End Communism” after hitting a walk off home run in game 2. Epstein led off game 3 with a home run and the Reds dynasty started to fall to pieces. The Dodgers would go on the win the series, ending a 2 year drought against the former Eagan juggernauts. In 2018, the Marlins swung the last blows in taking down the Steel Curtain once and for all after a first round series win once again, leaving the Reds reign in disarray.

#2: Dodgers sign Dream, Evan, Ian, Billy, and Fez
After the surprise leaves of Hardball, Yeller, and Shandy, Epstein needed to get creative to fill his roster. With an underwhelming free agent class, he decided to sign Dream early on to get a veteran presence on the team. Later in the offseason though, he contacted “Team Combat”, a Wifflin for Wishes regular. The team of high school seniors liked Epstein’s free agent pitch of youthfulness and energy. They agreed to a deal a few weeks later. This deal began a new era of Dodger wiffleball.

#1: Dodgers make first World Series
The 2018 season has gone by fast. Every player on the team is having a career year. Pysch won the batting title and had a team leading 1.70 ERA. Epstein is the Eagan HR King and continues to lockdown in competitive games. HPV is still hitting moonshots and found success on the hill. Cheerio had his highest batting avg. and recently found a power stroke. Ian (Dodger Dave) raised his avg from .208 to .369. Fez proved last year was no fluke and hit .347 while leading the team in HR in the Eagan Finals. Rookie Jack had an astonishing .455 OBP.

While the team will be without HPV and Dodger Dave for the World Series, 2018 was a full team effort.

We look forward to seeing all Dodgers fans in the World Series.

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*offer valid only if the Dodgers win the series.

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