Today’s edition: Kevin “Tootin” Tuhy

Tootin is manager of the Eagan Kardinals, (the K is for strikeouts). Since his college days, he’s been playing wiffleball for fun. After working with former league member Lil Randall and playing in Wifflin for Wishes, Tootin finalized his dream of joining the HRL in 2013. His team is consisted mainly of friends from South St Paul High School, with a few outside friends trickling in the past couple years. 

One his earliest and best memories of the HRL was a rookie year game vs the Expos. He asked them to explain some of the rules in during their game, too which they responded they don’t really know the rules and usually just let the other team tell them what happened. “I truly understood how to play in this league at that moment”, Tootin says.

Tootin has put together a very impressive career at the plate with a career .302 average and hitting about 30 home runs every season. His best individual season was in 2016, though the best season for the Kards was 2017. They cruised through the Eagan playoffs before running into the super-team Rays. Tootin is also a 3 time all-star.

The 2017 Rays contained the toughest out in the league in his opinion, Taco. The Rays also had Griz, the most overrated player in the league according to him. The pitcher he hates facing the most is Dr. Seuss and he considers teammate Fish, the most underrated HRL player. If Tootin could add any player to his team it would be Truck.

Tootin’s Favorites

Twin: Johan Santana

Potato Chip: Nacho Cheese Doritos

Fast Food: Taco Bell

Book: Game of Thrones

Superhero: Mom

Quick hits:

Dogs or cats: Cats

Pineapple on pizza: Barf

Dream job: HRL commissioner

Most embarrassing moment: Hitting a walkoff vs Epstein in the 2017 playoffs. That was really embarrassing for him

If you could go back to college and choose a new major what would it be: Thugonomics

High school GPA? 3.69

What do you want for your birthday? Moose Country to re-open

Fried or grilled chicken? Fried


Closing comments: “Swing hard in case you hit it. Flags Fly Forever. Everyone hates the Reds.”

Thank you Tootin, best of luck to the Kardinals this season.

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# Kong
Thursday, March 7, 2019 4:19 PM
Well done.
Johan Santana
# Johan Santana
Friday, March 8, 2019 11:48 PM
You are a great interviewer Epstein, but stick to your day job

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