Today’s edition: Casey “Stache” Urbach


Thanks for tuning into another “Get To Know the HRL”. This effort wouldn’t be possible without people willing to be interviewed. Please email if you are interested in being next!

Stache is the manager of the newly rebranded Rubberducks in Hopkins. He joined the HRL officially last season and played as the Rustlers. Stache grew up in the same neighborhood as Mippey5, Huck Finn, and Clark in Fridley MN. The neighborhood gang was introduced to the HRL through Wifflin for Wishes. They have won the tournament as the “Fridley Factors” before.

Last season, Stache led his rookie team to an impressive playoff appearance with a roster comprised mostly of old high school and neighborhood friends. This season he will look to improve upon his .302 batting average and 2.21 ERA.

Stache is perhaps most well known for his grass-cutting riser, which gained him a Cy Young 3rd place vote. He stays low-key about his main pitch though saying “I don’t feel like it’s any different than Seuss’ or Knooty Booty’s”. If he had the chance to play for any sub .500 team in the league it would be the Mariners or Bees, mentioning that those teams just show up to have fun every week.

In addition to his work in the rinks, Stache was a member of the HRL polar plunge team this past winter. He will be a name to watch as this league continues to grow. Just look for the man with mustache socks and bright yellow duck shorts next time you’re in Hopkins.

Fun facts:

Stache played 2 games with the 2017 Rays. He was technically on the roster which means he technically has already won an HRL Cup.

Stache went to college at the University of North Dakota and wants to organize an HRL UND Alumni road trip to a hockey game next winter.

Stache lives with Mippey5 and Beah. 

Stache’s 7 degrees of HRL Hall of Famer Tugboat

1. Stache made his HRL debut on August 3rd, 2017 against the Diamondbacks

2. The Diamondbacks were originally a franchise founded in 2007

3. H8R played his rookie season on the 2007 Diamondbacks

4. H8R’s first game batting was against Steve 2 of the original Cardinals

5. Steve 2’s last pitching appearance of 2007 came against the Expos

6. The 2007 Expos finished 22-15, 7th in the league

7. Tugboat hit 7 doubles and won 7 games on the mound in his rookie season in 2005

Quick hits:

Ski or snowboard: Ski

Favorite Twin: Torii Hunter

Best form of potatoes: Any, you can't go wrong with how you cook your potato

Favorite place to visit: Breckenridge, CO

Are you smarter than a 5th grader: Mippey, Face, and I play this almost every weekend and none of us have every beat the game….

Which album can you listen to without skipping tracks? Origins by Imagine Dragons

Best kind of milk: I hate milk

Favorite holiday: Thanksgiving

Best frozen pizza brand: Pizza Corner


Thank you Stache for participating and good luck to the Rubberducks this season.

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