Today’s Edition: Evan “Psych” Sibbet

Psych has been a Wifflin for Wishes regular since his middle school days along with Dodger Dave and Fez. Thanks to Twitter, Epstein sent a DM free agent offer in Fall 2016 and the rest is history. He played his rookie season in 2017, winning rookie of the year.

He didn't stop at ROY. Last season he won Eagan MVP, which he considers the highlight of his wiffleball career. He also made noise with the HRL All Stars at the National Wiffleball Tournament in Michigan last summer, where he hit a game winning single off one of the best pitchers in country. He carries a .373 career average and 2.20 ERA, which hopefully will carry the Dodgers to their first Cup in 2019.

Psych has grown up fast in the league. He earned his nickname due to the competitive fire displayed in his rookie season, but has quickly learned the value of camaraderie and brotherhood in the league. He plays in the HRL “to help grow the game and make memories with everyone involved.” No doubt he will be a face in the league for years to come. 

Psych has taken deep interest into the history of the league. He will frequently reference the record books, old youtube videos, and stat pages at the rinks. If he could make an all time HRL dream team it would consist of Tugboat, The Man, Sticks, Seuss, and Mippey.

HRL Quick Hits

Toughest out: Web Gem

Toughest pitcher: JC, his fastball is too straight

Underrated: EAD or Professor

Most unbreakable record: Hardball single season K’s (257)

Which sub .500 team would you play for: Whalers

Most lovable HRL player: Rocket or Huck Finn

2019 Cy Youngs: Stache and Hardball

Beef with Neut: Squashed 

The Life of Psych

Hometown: Prior Lake

Age: 20

College/Major: University of St Thomas/Entrepreneurship

Relationship status: Single, Epstein said no girlfriends during the season

Dream job: next Jim Nantz

Peanut butter or nutella: Allergic to both

Last time you peed your pants: In church in 2nd grade

Best bodily feature: Pipe cleaners

Fried or grilled chicken: Fried

Top 3 albums: Rodeo, DAMN, Take Care

Best milk: Fair Life Chocolate (author note: this is the only acceptable answer)

Psych would like to give a special shoutout to his HRL day 1 Dr Seuss (old guys may need to use the urban dictionary on that one); and that the future of the league is in great hands with the budding young talent and leadership all around.

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