By Nightmare—

Not as many games played last week… means not as much effort from Nightmare this week.  Apologies in advance for what would be, if I were ranking my rankings, probably my worst rankings of the season.

  1. (10-0, 1st Bunny's) No wiffles in almost two week for the Rays…  I'm sure it won't matter.  Ugh… looking at the Biscuits team page just makes me annoyed… like looking at their faces.  They get the Ducks next, and while I'm sure it'll be a fun series, I don't think it'll have much impact on the rankings.  (Previous ranking: 1)
  1. (12-0, 1st Lone Oak)  The Dodgers are wrapping up their spring break from wiffleball.  Have they already locked up their division?  They get the Reds this week in what could be one of the more difficult/interesting matchups of the week... I'm glad I'll be nowhere near it.  (PR: 2)
  1. (11-3, 1st-tied LTD) The Mets snapped their 3-game losing streak by sweeping Eagan.  I think I saw something about Hondo hitting a walkoff bomb to beat the Yankees… Just Hondo being Hondo, I guess... Nothing has changed, I still really like the Mmmmmets.  They take on the lil' Puppies from south of the border this week.  (PR: 3)
  1. (11-2, 1st Wildcats) The Reds got a week off before what might be one of their the toughest weeks of the season: The Dodgers (Mon) and the Yankees (Thur).  Yikes… yikes...  I don't know what I could say that would adequately express how difficult this week will be for the commies... except maybe, "I'm glad I'm not a Red this week!  (PR: 4)
  1. (11-3, 2nd Bunnys) The RubberDucks continue to impress me by sweeping Eagan last week (although, apparently sweeping Eagan isn't that hard).  Looks like they had a little bit of trouble with the A's… for a few innings, but got the 2 W's.  I haven't seen the social media from last week yet, but I'm looking forward to it.  They get the Rays and Giants this week... I don't envy the Ducks, but I'm hoping they can be the first (only?) team to hand the Rays a loss this season.  (PR: 5)
  1. (11-3, 1st-tied LTD) The Americans rode into Eagan and beat the Kards and Pigs.  Solid hitting and solid pitching continue to get it done for these guys.  #6 in the rankings seems low…  They have the RoughRiders next...  I have no idea how that will turn out.  (PR: 7)
  1. (9-3, 1st Yankee Tavern) The Yankees drop two in Hopkins?  That doesn’t sound right… but it actually happened.  I still like the Yankees, and don't expect them to get swept very often (or again) this season... they're just playing too well lately.  They get to try and bounce back against the Rats and Reds this week...  (PR: 6)
  1. (5-3, 3rd Bunny's) The Braves, winners of 5 straight, took two from Eagan last week (and got to experience the Yankee Tavern, which is their biggest win of the week, obviously).  #ChopsWatch: 368 HRs, 959 RBI.  Speaking of Chops, how does he get a save when they win by 12...?  Twins are up next for the Braves.  (PR: 11)
  1. (7-5, 2nd Yankee Tavern) The Marlins swept Hopkins last week (the only Eagan team to do so), barely beating the Giants and lil' Puppies.  Although the offense isn't as awesome as it has been in the past, it showed up when it mattered (i.e. Fedawg's 2-run bomb to tie against the Giants in the bottom of the 7th last week).  The Fish take on the Iron Pigs this week in what I predict will be close games.  (PR: 8)
  1. (6-8, 3rd Yankee Tavern) The Kardinals dropped a couple to Hopkins last week.  I forget if Tootin' says the bats are awake… or not… there's been some confusion… maybe they're sleep walking?  Anyways, they get the Athletics this week.  Since I don't know what to make of the A's just yet, I'm not sure what sort of series this will be... probably a split?  (PR: 9)
  1. (5-7, 4th Bunny's) The RoughRiders swept Eagan (just like every other Hopkins team it seems).  I continue to have no idea what to make of these guys, other than they can play if/when they want to.  I have no idea what they'll do against the Americans this week... although nothing would probably surprise me.  (PR: 14)
  1. (4-7, 5th LTD) The Giants split in Eagan.  I am a man who can admit when he is wrong.  Heading into the season, I doubted the Giants' pitching.  I will now go on record saying, they are as good as Mippey said they are.  On top of that, I've doubted their offense, and while it is a fact they don't score a ton of runs, they're very patient at the plate and better than they get credit for.  (PR: 13)
  1. (7-8, 2nd Wildcats) The Athletics drop two in Hopkins.  They almost got no-hit by the Mariners, then almost beat the Ducks (was it close?  I have no idea, I wasn’t there).  The A's continue to confuse me, but I think it's safe to say they're playing well/tough and shouldn't be overlooked.  (PR: 10)
  1. (4-7, 2nd Loan Oak) I am pretty sure the Pirates split with Hopkins, but the scores aren't in yet... so I have no idea.  They get to play the Yankees tonight.  (PR: 12)
  1. (3-5, 4th LTD) The Twins haven't played in so long that I forgot they were in the league.  Will they actually play against the Braves this week?  (PR: 15)
  1. (6-9, 3rd LTD) The Mariners also swept Eagan.  Jeez Eagan, if all the sweeps weren't bad enough, now we're even losing to the Seamen…  I'm not even mad...  I'm disappointed…  Anyways, since I said I wanted to rank the Seamen last and declared them my worst pre-season prediction a few weeks ago, they've won 6 of 9 games.  Coincidence?  We'll see what happens when they Seamen meet the Biscuits this week...  [insert inappropriate joke here].  (PR: 18)
  1. (2-8, 3rd Loan Oak)  The Iron Pigs were swept by Hopkins… not a great night, but they played two good teams, so they shouldn't feel too bad.  They get some easier teams this week, facing the Whalers (Mon) and Marlins (Thur).  (PR: 17)
  1. (4-10, 4th Yankee Tavern) The Whalers were swept by Hopkins...  Sanchez got a step closer #500, but I'm doubting my prediction from last week that he'd hit numbers 500-502 this week (tonight)… actually, that seems a little ridiculous... I'll stand by my #500 call, but 502?  Probably not.  (PR: 16)
  1. (0-7, 5th Bunny's)  Well, I was right, again.  The Chihuahuas are better than their record.  They can hit a little bit, and I was impressed with what I saw of their pitching.  No team of new guys is going to have a ton of success with the schedule they've had so far (and it wont get any easier this week against the Mmmmets).  This will be a fun team to watch develop over the next couple of seasons.  They still owe me a Natty Ice lemonade though...  (PR: 21)
  1. (1-9, 4th Lone Oak) The Bears haven't played in awhile.  I miss saying good things about the Professor, so I hope he shows up and has a great week against the Lugnuts this week.  (PR: 20)
  1. (2-12, 3rd Wildcats) Apparently, if I say nice things about people, they turn around and… don't live up to the hype.  The Orioles didn’t score and had only 2 hits in Hopkins last week… now they get some time to regroup before facing the Yankees (June 10).  (PR: 19)
  1. (0-12, 4th Wildcats) For the first (and maybe only) time all season, I get to say, "THE LUGNUTS DIDN'T LOSE LAST WEEK...” because they didn’t play.  This very handsome looking crew gets the Bears (Mon) and Pirates (Thur) this week.  (PR: 22)

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