All Star/Fun Star night is in the rearview mirror, and we are now moving full speed ahead towards Wifflepalooza 2019.  This week, I’ll provide some “way too early” potential match up analysis based on the way the match ups look as of today.  First, here are how the top three playoff seeds in each city currently look:




1.) Dodgers (23-3)

2.) Reds (21-6)

3.) Yankees (23-7)




1.)  Biscuits (21-3)

2.)  Mets (25-5)

3.)  Americans (19-5)


So as it stands today, one Wifflepalooza winner would face the Dodgers and the other would face the Biscuits.




1.) Braves (17-7)   vs.  16.) Lugnuts (0-28)


On paper, this looks like a blow out, but we’ve all been waiting for the former Cy Wiffle version of Shirls to show up and dominate a team this year, might Wifflepalooza be the stage where it happens?



8.) Twins (9-17)     vs.     9.) RoughRiders (8-18)


Seemingly, the only consensus about the RoughRiders is that nobody wants to face them in Wifflepalooza.  A potential K-Mart vs. Hjal first round match up should get plenty of hungover  HRL’ers out to the fields bright and early.



4.) Kardinals (15-10)    vs.     13.) Bears (6-20)


Speaking of exciting first round match ups, Boom vs. The Professor would make this an enticing first round match up.  The Kards are red hot though, and have potential to climb up to a higher seed before these match ups are in ink.



5.) Pirates (14-12)       vs.     12.) Mariners (7-21)


Milton will almost certainly get the call in this one against one of the Mariners solid arms.  Wifflepalooza has brought out the best in Coach Trent’s crew, while the Pirates have seemingly turned a corner this year.  If this match up holds, get your popcorn.







2.) RubberDucks (19-10)    vs.     15.) IronPigs (5-22)


On the other side of the bracket, EAD would look to upset the upstart Rubber Duckies, who have a plethora of strong arms to pick from to pitch this one.  It’s hard to imagine the Ducks bats staying quiet, but Joel can definitely bring it and could make this one interesting.



7.) Chihuahuas (10-14)     vs.    10.) Giants (8-20)


Two of the HRLs sweethearts are currently penciled in to face each other in round one.  Will Bliss Jr. dominate another strong offense, or will #barkbark make the Giants the first of several victims en route to a once improbable playoff birth? 



3.)  Marlins (17-10)       vs.      14.) Orioles (6-22)


Of the many strong pitching rotations in this year’s ‘Palooza field, none are more dangerous than the Nightmare-Rex-Box trio that the Fish could trot out.  This team could qualify for the play-offs and still be relatively well rested come Monday’s first round series.  That said, the Orioles have definitely shown some recent pitching chops and could give the potent Marlins bats a run for their money.  



6.)  A's (15-16)      vs.    11.) Whalers (8-20)


The strong, young pitching of the A’s is  currently scheduled to take on the legendary veteran bats of the Whalers, in an enticing match up of the yin and the yang of the HRL.  If The Man is there, this one could turn into a history lesson for the young A’s, or a changing of the HRL guard.

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