Wifflepalooza Bracketology Vol. 3  (by Stache, for Seuss)

With just two weeks left in the season, things are heating up for wifflepalooza seeding. The battle for the Hopkins Wild Card automatic bid has become a three-horse race with the RubberDucks holding a .5 game lead over the Americans. The Braves are the third team who is 2.5 games back of the RubberDucks with yet one more series against the two teams on Monday 8/12. The Chihuahuas are technically still alive for this automatic bid but are back 8 games with 8 games remaining in their schedule. They still have a two game series against the Braves and a three game series against the RubberDucks, so if they can sweep both series they might still have a chance.

With 16 teams this year making wifflepalooza, there has been 11 tickets punched for the dance. Here are those teams:




Iron Pigs








The battle for the number one overall seed for wifflepalooza is between five teams depending on who wins the Hopkins wild card spot. The RubberDucks are currently .5 games ahead of the Americans for the wild card spot as I said earlier. The Americans are currently 2 games ahead of the Braves, Marlins, and Kardinals. Here is the break down for ties. The RubberDucks currently hold the tie breaker over the Americans and Marlins. The Americans hold the tie breaker over the Kards, Marlins, and Braves. The Braves hold the tie breaker over the Kards and the Marlins. And the Kards hold the tie breaker over the RubberDucks. The Marlins hold zero tie breakers over any of these teams.

The battle for the sixth seed is currently between four teams: A’s, Chihuahuas, Twins, and Pirates. The Pirates have a 1.5 game lead over the A’s and Chihuahuas while the Twins are only a .5 game back of the A’s and Chihuahuas. Here’s how the tie breakers work. The Pirates hold the tie breaker over the Chihuahuas. The A’s have the tie breakers over the Pirates and Twins. And the Chihuahuas hold the tie breaker over the Twins. The A’s and Chihuahuas never played this year so it’ll come down the win percentage or run differential. Same goes for the Twins and the Pirates.

The most interesting race is between the ninth and 15th seeds. All these teams are separated by 2.5 games. With any given wiffle day a team could move from the 15th seed to the 9th seed. The teams included here (in order) are Mariners, RoughRiders, Whalers? (enter your stats!), Orioles, Bears, Giants, Iron Pigs. This is the most interesting race to watch for the last two weeks because this bottom half of the bracket will determine all the match ups.

As of today here is how the bracket looks and possible starters:

  1. Americans (Knooty)

16. Lugnuts (Shirls)


8. Twins (Thor)

9. Mariners (Squirrel)


5. Pirates (Milton)

12. Orioles (Slim)


4. Marlins (Rex)

13. Bears (Professor)


3. Kards (Big Hoss)

14. Giants (Bliss Jr.)


6. A’s (Neutron)

11. Whalers (Some old guy)


7. Chihuahuas (Nickname)

10. RoughRiders (Hjal)


  1. Braves (Thunderson)

15. Iron Pigs (EAD)


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