Well, it’s that time of year again, as the league annually re-shapes itself into what will eventually be the 2020 season (our 17th)!  Starting on October 1st, teams, current players, and potential new teams and players can make their moves in our Free Agency Period.  Announcements can be made by teams or by individual players.  Announcements can be emailed or texted to Truck ( or 651.235.9050) OR can be announced on the message board yourself.  We will try to keep this page updated as much as possible.


  • If a team plans to return or disband
  • If a team is releasing a player or players into free agency
  • If a team is looking to add any # of players via free agency
  • If a team has signed a player or players via free agency
  • If a team is changing team captains
  • If a team is wanting to move to the opposite city
  • If a team is changing their team name
  • If a potential new team is looking to join the league


  • If a player is looking to become a free agent
  • If a new player is looking to join the league as a free agent
  • If a free agent has signed with a team


Athletics:  Team captain Kong has announced the departure of Catnip, FishHook, Lumberjack and MacGruber into free agency.  Players interested in joining the A's can reach out to Kong at

Catnip, FishHook and Lumberjack have joined Epstein's new team in Hopkins.


Bears:  Team captain Sully has announced the release of Beer Ninja and #NotKevin from the team.  Also, the team has added rookies Amanda Moriarty and Oskar Shapley to the roster.  The teamh as also acquired Bam Bam from the Iron Pigs

Dee has DEEclared his free agency for 2020.


Whalers:  Team captain Sanchez has disbanded the Whalers, and has rejoined his original franchise, the Braves, who will be based in Eagan for 2020. 


Chihuahuas:  Team captain A-Jizz has announced the free agent signing of Clark from the Rubberducks.


Braves ANNOUNCEMENT from team captain Sanchez: Thunderson and Vlade have become free agents.  The remaining core Braves (Chops, Daubs, & DJ) and I have come to terms to continue the franchise in Eagan. We will utilize the defunct Whalers team spot and this will create an opening in Hopkins. This corresponds with Vlade & Thunderson’s free agency. I will once again act as team captain.

The Braves have added veteran free agent The Man to the roster.


Americans:  Team captain Knooty Booty has announced that Jet Plane and Buss will not be returning to the league next year.  The team is looking for one player, preferably a pitcher, if interested contact Knooty at


Dodgers:  Team captain Epstein has DEEparted the team to start a new team in Hopkins.  Psych is now team captain.



Giants:  have renamed their team to the Millers, and have added long time veteran Vlade to their roster.


Kardinals:  no news to report


Mariners:  Team captain Coach is looking for a big bat.  He's also looking for a player that can hit .300 with 20+ dongs.  Inquire within at


MarlinsTeam captain Neut has announced the retitement of veteran player TT.


Mets:  veteran The Kid has announced his free agency.  He can be reached at or 612-512-5187.  Web Gem has also left the team to start a new Hopkins team (see below.)  Also, Hondo has announced his intention not to return in 2020.

Team captain JC has announced a merger with the Rubber Ducks, for now known as the RubberMets™.


Pirates:  Team captain T-Mac says the Pirates are returning with the same core 5 as last year but are looking to potentially add a pitcher if possible.  If you fit that bill, reach out to T-Mac at


Roughriders:  Team captain H8R has announced his team is moving from Hopkins to Eagan.


Biscuits:  no news to report


Reds:  Team has announced the departure of Handsome Mat into free agency


Iron Pigs:  Commish Truck has disbanded the team.  All remaining players, if interested, will be free agents.


Rubberducks:  Clark has left the team to join the Chihuahuas.

Team captain Stache has announced a merger with the Mets,  or now known as the RubberMets™.


Twins:  no news to report


Yankees:  Team captain Rocket announced that veteran players Old Yeller and Willie Mays Hays are now free agents.  The Yankees will be looking to add 1 or 2 players to the roster.  Contact him at if interested.

The Yankees have signed MacGruber.

Lugnuts:  Hoover has taken the reins as team captain, and long time veteran Shirls has announced his free agency, most likely as a part-time player.  Wait, no, never mind-- Shirls has returned!!
Orioles:  No news to report
New Hopkins Team:  Web Gem and Thunderson are spearheading a new squad to fill the vacancy left by the Braves.  Anyone interested please send your resume and cover letters their way.   ( or  Thunderson has announced the signing of free agent veteran Old Yeller.

List of Teamless Free Agent Wifflers (and former team):



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