UPDATED 6-8-20
Based on feedback that Truck has received from all the teams here is a summary of where all 20 teams sit in terms of playing if we were able to start in early June.  If this info is incorrect, or if there missing player feedback or updates, please let Truck know ASAP.  In order to make any schedule modifications the league brass has to have a better understanding of the true count of active teams for this season.  If you or your squad don't seem to have the numbers to regularly field a team, but would like to play, hopefully this will allow you some insight into other squads in a similar situation.  Merging of teams is completely acceptable and the Americans / Mariners can be seen as one example.  Both squads have 3 players each that could/would play but are more comfortable combining for this summer in order to always have at least 3 or 4 at the rink.
The cities will continue to update us, but if you know now that your team is short on players and think you could combine with others to be confident to always have enough for games once we get started, then please start those lines of communication.  Truck can provide you with managers or individual contact info if needed. 
Based on the current info it looks like we have 5 Hopkins teams and 6 Eagan teams that would have enough to play day 1.  But there are certainly more squads that might make it in the green or be able to combine if interested.  If in the end we get to 12 total, 14 total, 16 total it doesn't really matter.  The schedule can be figured out to make it work.  Do your best to have these conversations with other HRLers ASAP.  Thank you.
Q: Where do Hopkins and Eagan currently stand on letting the HRL play games?
A: Hopkins is still not open and is awaiting more direction from the Governor before allowing use of facilities.  Their current target is somewhere between mid-June and sometime in July.
Eagan is warmer to the idea of us starting play soon.  We'd still just use Sky Hill and Carnelian, but the option of play on additional nights (Tues/Wed) is possible.  Talks are ongoing with both cities and nothing concrete as of 5/28.
Q: If my team does not have enough players, do the remaining players need to join up on another squad together, or can we join teams separately?
A: You can join others as a group or individually.  Whatever works best for you to be able to play.  Any team, any city, doesn't matter at this point.
Q: If Eagan let's us play, but Hopkins doesn't what will we do?
A: The hope is that we get the green light from both cities, but if we can get started in only 1 city then we will try to schedule games and get started in the 1 city.  If it is determined that only 1 city will let us play for the entire season, then we will re-confirm with all teams if they are willing to travel for the full season.  The earliest games on the schedule were going to be intercity games anyhow, so if we had to play 1 month of games in Eagan, then we'd just play all intercity games first to get going, then pick up games in both cities after that.
Q: What precautions or procedures will the league be using on game nights and how strictly will they be enforced?
A: The cities have asked us this same question and we have compiled a document to lay out a draft plan for play to resume.  That draft can be see here:  This is still able to be modified as needed.  Enforcement will be along the same lines as any other league requirement.  If individuals or teams can not comply, then they will not play.
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Tony Larussa
# Tony Larussa
Wednesday, May 27, 2020 2:45 PM
Kards reportedly have 6 to 9 players available actually. Depending on what your view on the topic of getting others involved is.
Thursday, May 28, 2020 8:48 AM
As if league brass didnt already do enough for us, now theyre dealing with all of this. Thanks "gentlemen" for the extra time and effort you're all putting in to try and get the 2020 season going. We all really appreciate it.
Truth Seeker
# Truth Seeker
Saturday, June 20, 2020 7:09 AM
Fake News!

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