Hey, everyone! Next Saturday night, July 10th, is quickly approaching, and I wanted to send a quick note with some details for you before the holiday hits (for those of us still at work).

First, if you haven't already, please vote! The booths close at 6PM on Monday night. We have some close races going on and your vote could be the difference. And remind any teammates that you may see this weekend to do the same. I've included the instructions below for your reference.

Also below is a rough outline of the night's activities. You should recognize the format and events, but of course since we moved to Saturday night we are able to start a little earlier, at 5:30 PM at Sky Hill. Again if you think you will be voted into one of the events and will not be there, let me know as soon as you can, even before Monday night just in case. That way I can line up the alternates.

I will post even more details and info about the night as well as send out the voting results on Monday night. Hope everyone has a safe and awesome holiday weekend and I'm definitely excited to see all of you next Saturday night.


------------ -AGENDA----------------

Pre 5:30pm: Arrival
I'm sure people will show up a little early and start the grillin' and swillin'. Remember it's BYOEverything. Also we'll be starting right at 5:30....
5:30pm: Home Run Derby
The top 5 HR hitters from each city, based on HRr, go head-to-head.

6:30pm: The Noob-Star Game The n00bs battle it out in what is usually a competitive and entertaining prelude to the All-Star Game. Note this year we may change the rosters or setup slightly depending on which n00bs are actually attending. Since the number of rooks is much lower this year. Final details will come next week.
7:15pm: Fun-Star Game 
The Fun Stars then get involved and turn the night on its head. They provide the interlude with their own brand of entertainment.

8:00pm: All-Star Game The main event. A 9-inning or 2 hour contest of the best players in each city!

10:00pm - ?: After-bar?
Since Sky Hill basically 'closes' at 10PM, and as often happens anyway, some of the HRL's faithful usually venture to the local drinking establishments such as NasBar or Lafonda's to finish out the night. Nothing organized, but with our festivities ending earlier this year I'm sure word will spread at the field to those parties that are interested.
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