I woke up this morning with thoughts of a promising 2021. I went for a run yesterday. I avoided ordering DoorDash and cooked my own dinner. I drank a bunch of water to flush out toxins, the bad vibes of 2020. At 12:24pm Huck Finn texted myself and Vibes GM Fish Hook that he wanted to update us on his free agent plans and talk at 5:15pm. 

On December 14th at 7pm we had the honor of presenting our free agent offer to Huck. We loaded the Zoom call with Vibes players and sold him a vision. A vision of positivity and lush green fields of Eagan. It was a presentation which a notable Hopkins GM called “legendary” (copies of the pitch deck available upon request). Huck complimented the effort we made and calmly left the call. 

We didn’t expect much from him. In fact, he pretty much ghosted us for weeks. Our spirits weren’t low though. We were mainly presenting for fun. It was fun times with Huck which got us to that presentation. 

When a pandemic hit the world in March, we turned to the virtual world to cope. A world full of victories and defeats - Call of Duty Warzone. Huck, Stache, Fish Hook, and myself gamed regularly with dreamsof forming a superteam. That dream quickly crumbled in the offseason when Stache turned his back on the squad and resurrected the RubberDucks, a move which will surely increase the good vibes in Hopkins. No love lost with Stache. 

Fish Hook and I, with the occasional Cheerio appearance, were able to show Huck our good vibes in these Warzone sessions. When the HRL returned in June, we gave Huck his very own Vibes jersey. This firmly planted our offseason intentions with him. He probably couldn’t stop thinking about us all season, even when he was busy hoisting the Cup for the 3rd time. 

The offseason got off to a hot start with the Biscuits crumbling. I pursued all sources to gain insights into Huck’s whereabouts. In the midst of this pursuit I stumbled into a pretty spicy destination, which may reveal itself in a future season. 

But alas, back to 5:15pm today. I was listening to Bound 2 from the acclaimed album Yeezus. I paused the chorus and clicked on Huck’s Zoom link.

Huck joined the Zoom call and said “well of course I’m going to sign with the Vibes” as he stands up and reveals a Vibes t-shirt. I cried tears of joy.

It’s going to be a fun season. Huck will learn what Eagan is all about, an experience which will surely help him in his role as Commissioner. Eagan, let’s welcome him with open arms. Give him a summer he won’t forget. This one’s for you Huck.


Epstein and the Vibes Wiffleball Organization

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Monday, January 4, 2021 2:14 PM
The Bears (and the titular Bar) eagerly await the pleasure of our new Commish's company!

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