The playoffs are among us and Wifflepalooza is ready for its second year at the Knob. If the season was to end today, the matchups would pan out as the following:

O’s v. A’s

The O’s have made quite an impact in their rookie season in the HRL by undoubtedly becoming one of the best overall teams in the league. Meanwhile, the A’s have suffered without 60 Hz.

Yankees v. Mets

The Godfather of HRL: Twin Cities will take on his former team for the first time in the playoffs. Will the Mets be bringing the Big Beer Inning to the playoffs? Will the Mets be forfeiting for the second straight year in the playoffs? Do the Yankees participate in the Big Beer Inning? How big of an entourage can the Yankees bring with them to the playoffs?

Sex v. BJ’s

Rematch of last year’s playoff upset where the #20 BJ’s defeated the #13 Sex 2-0 on a two-run home run by Vlade. Shandy owned the Sex on that magical night by going 6 IP, 2 H, 11 K, 2 BB. The Sex have upgraded with the additions of COOP! and Al, but TwoBat hates wiffleball (umad?) and attendance issues remind us all of the 09 Angels. (On a side note: ShamWow has 5 of his 19 hits this season against the Sex, which all 5 came off of Al. Pwnage.)

Red Sox v. X

Not your typical 8 v. 17 matchup, because there never is a 8 v. 17 matchup in a bracket. This game will be fun for two reasons: (1) Nobody knows who is going to show up. Tugboat? The Whole eXpo roster? Will M-Ski show up with his ukulele? (Please let this be true!) (2) The X shouldn’t be a 17th seed, and the 65 time runners up shouldn’t be relegated to an 8th seed. It’s too bad that one of these teams will be in the loser’s bracket after this matchup.

Astros v. Giants

This will be a fun matchup to watch as Hal will be taking on JC. Believe it or not, these two have not faced off against each other in the regular season. This game could possibly not happen if the Astros or Giants play their extra games. Correction: This game could possibly not happen if the Astros or Giants play their extra games.

Twins v. P-Rats

Hopkins City President v. Eagan City President. Deuce’s current team v. Deuce’s former team. I don’t know the full history because I am a sophomore noob, but what I do know is Two Can Sam is back, Jay can mash, Deuce still has a pirate bandana in his player picture, and K-Mart will poop and pee on anybody’s face.

Dodgers v. Fish

Battle of the 2009 noob teams (minus the BJ’s), and rematch of 2009’s matchup where Fukudome pitches a no-hitter v. Trans Am’s one-hitter. Marlins put together a rally in the top of the 6th inning which was capped by the solo hit of the game, a two-run dinger by yours truly. The pitchers have gone opposite directions as Fukudome is now 3-8, 5.07 ERA, 2 SV and Trans Am is 9-4, 1.54 ERA, 150/30 K/BB.

Injuns v. Colt 45’s

What may be the closest game of the day, or the biggest blowout of the day will come from this matchup. It was a year ago when the 45’s went on a magical run in the playoffs with Seibs earning pitching victories against the Red Sox and Pirates, while the Indians lost a first round matchup against the Dodgers, and eventually lost to the Braves later on Saturday. Will the 45’s continue their playoff magic from last year, or will Seibs’ new team continue their 2010 Colt 45 dominance (outscoring them 40-10).

Matchups will change in a week from now, but if these matchups hold up, expect a fun, competitive start to Saturday. (On a side note: Eagan rulez, Hopkins droolz)

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