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  Eagan West – Braves

The Braves decided to move over to Eagan this season and in doing so are my favorites to win Eagan West. Last season they finished fourth in their division with a 22-17 record. That’s insane that an above .500 team finished fourth in their division. They also went 8-2 against Eagan teams and I feel they will repeat this process. In 2020, the Brave were over in Eagan and won their division with a record of 22-5. They had an early exit that season due to attendance issues during the playoffs. With the Braves returning all their legends and adding Scrabble, the top recruit in 2022, they are looking for a deep Eagan playoff run.

  Eagan East – Vibes

This off season the Vibes signed highly talented The Wish. The Wish has decided to join forces with his brother Huck Finn to try and push the Vibes over the top to the World Series. The Vibes had a solid four man line up with some part time players not showing up in Anakin and Lumberjack. The Wish will help with basically everything. He is a solid pitcher, hitter, and arguably one of the best defensemen in the game.

  Hopkins East – Millers

The Millers in the recent past have been considered “basement dwellers” in Hopkins. Only winning 10 games in two of the past three seasons. Don’t let that fool you though. This is a tough team that is excellent in pitching. Most of their games are very competitive and close but they seem to lack the hitting to get them over the hump to win those games. With The Mart have 19 homeruns in an injury-stricken season for him and both Bliss Jr. and Dr. K have above .300 averages this team is set to win their fist division title. Not to mention they had a sneaky signing of Smitt Dogg. A player from the adult baseball league that can pitch and hit. We will see if he can provide the much needed run support for this pitching staff.

  Hopkins Central – Americans

The Americans have just barely missed the wild card spot in the last three of four seasons. Last year they lost their core players in Chest Hair. This was a major blow to the team moral. This offseason they signed the highly talented rookie duo of pNut and Average Joe. The Americans are looking for these two to help out in getting consistent hitting production to the lineup. We will see if the success they had in Eagan will translate of to success in Hopkins.

  Hopkins West – Aces

The newly formed Aces look to be a strong contender to the World Series this season. The team of Psych, Web Gem, Dumpy, and Dodger Dave has similar characteristics of last years Crawdads. This team has three “Ace” pitchers in Dumpy, Web Gem (who went 18-0 last season), and Psych. Dumpy and Psych played in Eagan last season pitching a combined 15-5 record. They look to continue their success over in a deadly Hopkins League. Not only does this team have pitching, they have hitting. Last season between Dumpy, Psych, and Web Gem they combined for 98 homeruns and 207 RBI. The only question mark surrounding this team is Dodger Dave. Dodger Dave hasn’t played a full season in the HRL since 2019 and might take him and few weeks to get his stride back.

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