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Fantasy wiffs is back with a little bit of a twist! This initial post is a basic layout of the format, scoring, and a few other questions you may have. Feel free to reach out to me with questions regarding anything I can clarify or may have overlooked!


  • Your team will consist of 6 total roster spots (4 batters & 2 pitching staffs)
  • Your roster must consist of at least 1 batter or pitching staff from each city (Ex. having a team of only Hopkins batters/staffs is allowed)
  • You are only allowed a maximum of 2 assets per team (either 2 batters or 1 batter and the staff of that batter’s team)
  • You will have a budget to spend on constructing your team, this budget is not yet set with player values still being worked out. You don’y need to use the entire budget when constructing your team


  • Batters = Any player in the league, they will score batting and fielding points
  • Pitching Staffs = An entire team's pitching, not a single player. They will score fielding points (With a lot of team's pitching not being very predictable this way makes it easier to place a value)

The idea of this format is to allow any person participating to have the chance to utilize any player in the league. This forces you to need to make choices on whether you want to have 1 or 2 “premium” assets but maybe not the best supporting cast, spread your budget and have an above average asset at each roster spot, or anything in between. Finding the right mix of must-have players, budget warriors who outperform their value, and differential picks will hopefully cause a good variety of teams.


1 point- hit, run, RBI, BB, 2B, 3B
2 points- HR
-1 point- strikeout

The scoring is laid out this way for ease of calculating scores from the website, in reality a 2B is actually worth 2 points because you’d do hit (1)+2B (1)=2 and a HR is actually worth 5 because you’d do hit (1)+run (1)+RBI (1)+HR (2)=5. Below is a boxscore from a game last season with explanations on scoring.

OLD YELLER: run+run+hit+hit+hit+BB=6 OR VIEWED AS 1+1+1+1+1+1=6

STACHE: run+run+hit+hit+RBI+HR-K-K-K=4 OR VIEWED AS 1+1+1+1+1+2-1-1-1=4

SARGE: hit+hit+RBI+RBI+BB+2B-K-K-K=3 OR VIEWED AS 1+1+1+1+1+1-1-1-1=3

PAPER BOY: RBI-K-K-K-K=-3 OR VIEWED AS 1-1-1-1-1=-3



-2 points- error



1 point- strikeout

-1 point- earned run

5 points- win

-5 points- loss



  • Scoring periods will operate on a weekly basis
  • Before each weekly deadline you’ll need to determine which one of your pitching staffs  and which 2 batters you’ll be utilizing that gameweek, those 3 assets will score you points for that game period while the others will sit on your bench and not score points
  • You’ll need to assign a “captain” for each gameweek, that batter/staff will score double their normal points


After your initial team locks at the gameweek 1 deadline, each following week you will have 1 substitution between gameweeks. This allows you to swap a player/staff for another if you feel you want to because of a better matchup or other circumstance, otherwise you can opt to keep your team as is and not make a substitution


Each player begins the year with 4 tokens that are one-time uses at any point in the season, multiple tokens cannot be used within the same gameweek period.

WILDCARD- When playing your WILDCARD you’re allowed to do a full reset of your team before the next gameweek. This means unlimited substitutions to get a full new look to your squad if needed. Your new team must still fall within the maximum budget
BENCH BOOST- The BENCH BOOST token means that for the gameweek that it is played, your entire roster’s points are counted towards your score. The only decision you’d really need to make that week is who will be your captain.
PITCHER’S DUEL- The PITCHER’S DUEL token allows you to play your team’s lineup for that gameweek as both of your pitching staffs and only 1 batter, instead of the typical 1 staff and 2 batters lineup
TRIPLE CAPTAIN- The TRIPLE CAPTAIN token when played, makes your captain for the gameweek it’s used have their score tripled, compared to the standard double points


What if someone in my lineup doesn’t show up to play that week or their game gets rained out and they don’t play?

  • Your bench spots will automatically sub in if someone in your lineup doesn’t play that gameweek, batters can only sub in for batters and same for pitching staffs. You’ll need to be careful in the order of which you place assets on the bench because your first bench spot will take priority and sub in first, if they also didn’t play then your second bench spot will sub in.

If I have a player that plays a series both on Monday and Thursday do I get all of their points for those games?

  • Yes. This will be treated as a double gameweek and that player will score points for each game they play in. This hopefully will create a strategy of attempting to bring in players to captialize on this rather than sit with the same team all season long.

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