The Free Agency period runs from Nov 1st to Dec 31st.  Teams announce player additions, free agents, team changes, etc, during this time.  Players can declare their Free Agent status.  Players (new and old) hoping to be picked up by a team will be added to the Free Agent list on the right.  Please contact Dee with any questions or concerns.

This page will be updated as announcements are made.





Current Free Agent list:

Erik "Seibs" Seiberlich

"Willie" McLaurin
Jamie "911" Baskerville

 (The league is looking to add players to the free agent list.  If you’re looking to join the league, please
contact The Commish.)

(R) = Rookie Free Agent



11-2-10: Announce the retirement of Mike "ThunderGnome" Blank.  Worries abound that Vaughn "With This Name I Should Be Doing Pr0n, AKA 60Hz" Steele will likely be retiring as well.

12-20-10: Formally announce the retirement of Vaughn "60Hz" Steele.

They sign Mike Lenertz from the Crystal leagues.



1-14-11: Currently plan to return as-is.

3-21-11: In a failed attempt at a split squad, the Astros release Hendi and Flower.  H8R takes over as manager.  They rename themselves to the Gothams.


Blue Jays

11-1-10: Returning as-is.



12-6-10: Currently plan to return as-is.  

Colt .45’s

12-29-10: Returning as-is.



11-1-10: Dee DEEclares himself a free-agent.

11-5-10: The Cubs franchise is folded. All remaining players become free agents.  The league will be filling this franchise spot.

12-8-10: Box announces the formation of the Pilots with former Cubs Rex, JZilla and BJ.  Nick "?" Fuerst has been added as a rookie/free-agent.  The 6th position is open and they are looking at filling it.

1-14-11:  Pilots organization signs veteran free agent Craig "Dee" Deelsnyder.



11-12-10: Donny "Trans Am" Thompson is officially retired.  Ryan "The Murph" Anderson takes over as GM.  They are interviewing candidates for their open spot.

2-4-11: The Murph reports that the Dodgers will not be able to field a team for 2011.  The league is exploring options.

3-21-11: A new team is formed, starting with 3 new players headed up by Jason Van Thiel, friend of Donny.   They will be joined in Year One by Steve1, Steve2 and Flower.  They shall call themselves the Angels.



11-14-11:  Returning as-is.  


11-3-10: JC declares himself a free agent.



11-2-10: Announce the release of Seibs.

1-11-11: Formally announce the retirement of Teddy "Doc" Golberg and Todd "T-Bag" Planting.

They have signed rookie free agents:
Martin (Moose) Kruger
Jesse (Mouth) Anderson
Kevin (Hammer) Ham



11-3-10: Currently plan to return as-is.



11-4-10: Mets are returning as-is.  




11-2-10: Announce the retirement of Bill "Quick".

12-12-10: Announce the signing of free-agent Jonathan "JC" Comito.



11-2-10: Announce the retirement of  "Two Can" Sam Neuschwander. 


Red Sox

1-14-11:  Returning as-is.



11-26-10: Currently plan to return as-is.

4-20-11: The Red Sox have moved Washman to legacy status, and activate Lil' Randall.



1-14-11:  Returning as-is.

3-21-11: The Twins benefit from the last-minute Astros personnel changes; they sign Hendi as a free agent.


White Sox

11-2-10: TwoBat transfers GM duties to Pork Buoy.
12-29-10: Returning as-is.


11-1-10: Announce the retirement of James "Panther" Nagan.  They also release Willie and add Nick "Vegas" Rowley back to their active roster.  They have one spot open and will look to fill it.

11-15-11:  Announce the signing of rookie free agent Mark "TBD" Ollilia.




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