With 60hz and Thundergnome facing the wilderness of retired life what will happen to the A's? Can the team of many faces push on under the guiding hand of Toonces to rise like the Phoenix? To be born again under hope that a new day will come. That with new players a new hope shall be theirs. Who will stand and be their Skywalker?  

If some of the Orioles are in fact looking for a new home what better way to prove their value than helping this team rise in the standings and make a playoff push. 
Slight Chance:
We could see the A’s offer their 6th roster spot to a recent retired HRL member by means of a ludicrous contract. What would it take to get a busy dad to pull a Farve?
More likely:
With the majority of free agents based out of Eagan look for the team to add via rookies, either by a buddy of a buddy’s buddy or perhaps pulled from the Crystal Fall league.


They say time heals all wounds. Now that a few months have passed since the Astros playoff roster debacle let’s hope the team’s anger issues have subsided. If no one goes rouge and decides to try their hand at free agency I don’t see any reason why this team would decide to add a 6th member. Given the Brewer’s history I’m surprised they even have 5 members on their roster. 

Hal and H8R individually declare free agency last minute. This causes the Astros to scramble to fill their roster pulling from people outside of the league.
Slight Chance:
The team name gets changed back to the Brewers and Joe Lawrence plays in a triple header via the legacy tag.
More Likely:
The team remains as is with Hendi & Web Gem promising that if they get hammered the night before the Sunday playoffs they’ll camp out at the wiffle fields. 

Blue Jays

Fresh off a season where they improved their regular season record by two games and once again proved shocking with their playoff prowess, this team stands at the brink of success and spits in its face declaring their value not to be in terms of winning percentage but in number of tweets and fans on facebook.  
Long Shot:
Vlade makes good on his threats and actually cuts ties with some members of the Blue Jays. Being unable to move the members he actually wants to, in frustration he cuts Focker and signs Eddie Bauer to an extremely long contract extension.
Slight Chance:
Vlade himself declares free agency in hopes of signing with the A’s or White Sox.
More Likely:
The team returns as is and Vlade hopes someone gets transferred mid-season.


Once again the Braves found themselves on the losing end of the playoffs after a dominating performance during the regular season. Inner sources have hinted that the Braves might entertain the idea of adding a 5th member. While in their minds this is a spot to covet, the reality is that there are probably only a handful of potential free agents that would begrudgingly consider it.   
Long Shot:
Upper management get so desperate for the cup that they offer to move to Eagan in an attempt to lure Box and Rex onto the team in hopes that having three MVP’s will put them over the edge.
Slight Chance:
The Braves go outside the league to fill their 5th roster spot or they target someone with a strong pitching background.
More Likely:
The Braves return unchanged for the 2nd consecutive year leaving GM Sanchez to wonder if he still has the ability to make game changing moves. 


Like the glory of the Roman Empire this franchise is no more. All members have become free agents.
Ben “Box” Gapinski
Bryan “BJ” Jost
Craig “DEE” Deelsnyder
Danny “Rex” Recchio
Joe “J-Zilla” Zierden
Steve “Steve1” Stangler
Steve “Steve2” Kennedy
Long Shot:
The team reconciles and returns with the same roster as last season.
Slight Chance:
Steve1 and Steve2 start the rebuilding process over yet again and reform the Cardinals leaving the other 4-5 members to join other teams. BJ retires, Box and Rex join the Indians, J-Zilla goes to the Pirates and Dee joins a Hopkins team.
More Likely:
Box, Rex, BJ, and J-Zilla apply for the open team spot in Eagan and try to fill out the roster with other free agents or with players from outside the league. The Steves sign with another team on a year to year basis. Dee continues to contemplate his options.

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