Trans Am has driven off into the sunset of Wisconsin. He leaves behind a tight group of wifflers that will most likely continue on the same path they forged during the last few weeks of the 2010 season while Trans Am tried his hand at an lengthy HRL commute. 

The Dodgers fallout doesn't end with Trans Am. Swedish Bastard expresses his displeasure with the rest of the team due to their late arrival for the playoffs last season and tests the free agent market. The Murph takes this as a slight to his new found GM status and proceeds to fill out the Dodgers roster without the Bastard by signing Steve 1 & 2 to one year deals. 

Slight Chance:
The Dodgers roster splits way with each other. Half the team joins up with three newbies from the Crystal Fall league. The remaining members team up with the White Sox. 

More Likely:
With newbie "Chad" joining the Dodgers late last season to help ease the loss of Trans Am, The Murph probably sees no reason to rush into signing another player to fill out the roster. If they do fill the roster to 6 players the addition will probably come from outside the league. 


The team whose ego boasts "This must be the year of the X" comes another off-season of question marks. Will M-ski be able to use his legacy status for more than 2 games? Will J-ski's new housing location hinder his attendance? Will the wives win out against the wifflers to retire some players? 

The "X" franchise folds and the remaining interested players join the free agency list and look to join an existing Eagan team. 

Slight Chance:
The Expos return as is, but fielding a team of at least 3 players becomes more and more difficult as the year wears on. 

More Likely:
The team returns as is with M-ski playing in 2-6 games. Fielding a consistent team is not a problem. 


It's a quiet Fall day at the Giants home office. The leaves are changing, the TV shows are showing new episodes, and the wiffle season is over. The season was good to this "leave it all out on the field" team. The only issue is that perhaps one player was looking for more as soon after the free agency period began Giants star player JC declared his free agency. 

JC finds no suitors to his likely and begs for his spot back on the Giants roster bringing the band back together again. The 5 man team returns as is. 

Slight Chance:
With JC out of their picture for the future the Giants turn to the HRL free agent list to fill out their roster. Offers to non-declared free agents are made but unfortunately for the Giants they are turned down. 

More Likely:
JC signs with a new team whose average age isn't all that lower than the Giants. With their age and injury history a question mark the Giants fill their roster to 6. We may see another in-family, father / son combination for the Giants in addition to the addition of an outsider newbie. 


For a team that always seemed to have 3-4 players on its mind to add or subtract, this off-season comes as a surprise to 2nd year GM Bork. "Real Life" seems to have caught up with this team. Molgs has retired, T-bag is having another child (#3), and Seibs has announced his free agency in a surprise move. There are also rumors that CJ's wife will whisk him off to Texas.  

T-bag & CJ join Molgs in retirement. Seibs signs with a new Eagan team (taking Doc with him) and Bork is forced to fold the franchise and signs with a new team via Free Agency (think Twins... Bork + K-mart = xoxo / BFF). 

Slight Chance:
The Indians hit the free agency line adding some veterans to fill the retirement voids. 

More Likely:
Molgs plays in a few games as a legacy player, T-bag fills a roster spot and plays in over half the games, Seibs finds free agency boring and returns (with Doc), and Bork fills Molgs vacancy with another buddy who will no doubt relate to Spring Break stories.


This team seems to have a little of everything including a few players I'm not sure I've ever met. They have some competitive juices, some laid back players, and a pretty darn consistent roster.  

The team splits in half with one half looking to win the current opening in Eagan while the other keeps the Marlins' spot. Both teams would fill their rosters with a combination of outsiders and HRL free agents. 

Slight Chance:
Amon leaves via free agency accepting Rocket's lucrative offer to join the Yankees. 

More Likely:
The roster returns as is.
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