Eagan East
1) Gothams
2) Reds
3) X
5) Yankees

All quality teams, should beat up on each other a bit. I give the nod to the Gothams since they have something to prove after booting Hendi for missing the playoffs yet kept Wade even though he did the same thing.

Eagan West
1) Pilots
2) Indians
3) Mets
4) 45's
5) Pirates

Pilots should cruise to the bye while the rest of the division enjoys some beverages.

Eagan MVP -- Rex
Eagan CYWiffle -- Suess

Hopkins East
1) Orioles
2) Braves
3) White Sox
4) Angels
5) A's

With the 2 best hitting lineups in the HRL this race should go down to the wire. Orioles get the nod because of pitching. 

Hopkins West
1) Phillies
2) Red Sox
3) Twins
4) Giants
5) Blue Jays

Should be a 3 team race. Phillies will have something to prove after picking up JC, Red Sox don't care about the regular season. Dirty Steve will be resurected after spending the winter in The Man's Hitting Camp.

Hopkins MVP -- Tugboat
Hopkins CYWiffle -- The Man

Playoff Seeding
1) Pilots
2) Orioles
3) Phillies
4) Gothams
5) Braves
6) Red Sox
7) Reds
8) Twins
9) X
10) Indians
11) White Sox
12) Marlins
13) Mets
14) Angels
15) Yankees
16) 45's
17) Giants
18) Pirates
19) Blue Jays
20) A's

Sunday Playoffs
Gothams vs Braves

Red Sox vs Phillies

Orioles vs Twins

Pilots vs Marlins

Pilots vs Braves

Orioles vs Red Sox

Braves vs Red Sox

Red Sox
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