Fukudome/Piston Honda


This kid features a large array of pitches with varying arm slots. Feels like he has 10 pitches due to pitch speed changes. Will add and subtract from every pitch. More finesse than power. He hides the ball well and has a deceptive delivery. Can make it hard for bats to pick it up. He sets up on the 1st base side of the rubber and it factors into his results. He can get some swings and misses and he pitches smarter than his stuff. Has improved command in general over his 2 + years in the bigs but still misses away from righties with the slider quite a bit.  Has good leg drive and gets low on the riser. Mechanics are consistent which suggests continued improvement on the bump. Pitches high on the bat plane and keeps his fielders busy with grounders as a result. Regressed on long balls in his year 2 but still below what you would expect given his velocity. Throws a slider from a 3/4 slot. Adds and subtracts from this pitch considerably. 45-55 mph. Throws a low but not sub riser.  Sometimes too much float on this as his wrist gets too loose. More consistent speed here in 50 range. An over the top sinker gets some run. Not a power sinker. 50-55 mph. Also throws a tight 10/5 curve that can make people look silly up there. Is thrown for strikes. Curve is more effective when he is trending higher velocity with his base pitches. 40-45 mph.

Slider - 55
Riser - 55
Sinker - 50
10/5 - 65

Comp: Joe Lawrence


Fuku put on 15 lbs this offseason. Has been a steady source of power since joining the league. Likes to swing away early. Has improved his K rate but still an issue. Good presence in the box. Quick hands. Handles inside stuff. Prone to chasing sliders away. Adjusts to elevation changes well. Swing can get loopy.  Seems like a guy who will adjust to the pitcher suggesting continued improvement the longer he is in league. Is approaching his prime. 

Contact - 45
Power - 60

Comp: Michael Cuddyer

Fielding: 70

Had some first year jitters as is customary but was elite in '10. Makes the ordinary play and the tough ones. Will get on that highlight reel.

Running: 60

How will the 15 lbs affect him? Can be very fast but doesn't always use the turbo button.
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# Shirls
Tuesday, April 26, 2011 12:29 AM
Scouting scores use the traditional 20/80 model
Eddie Bauer
# Eddie Bauer
Tuesday, April 26, 2011 10:21 AM
Solid article Shirls. Awesome addition to the site. We face the Fish for the first time June 30th. This report will come in handy when facing Fukudome/Piston Honda. We'll either study your report, or get him hammered on Busch Light. Either way I like our chances!

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