For the third year in a row, the HRL will hold its own Great Together as the 2011 playoffs kick off this Saturday, August 27th at Pilot Knob!  The bottom 16 teams will battle it out in a double-elimination tourney that will leave 4 teams standing.  Those 4 teams will move on to face the 4 division winners in the Quarterfinals where series-based rounds will commence.  It's a best-of-3 to get to the next round, with the 2011 champion being crowned on Thursday, September 8th.  

There are still some close races going on, so the brackets aren't quite filled in yet, but we'll post the final brackets on Friday.  

Some initial notes, mainly for players:
    • Show up before your listed gametime.  E.g. if you start at 10:30, please show up at least 20 minutes early or more in case earlier games are finishing sooner.
    • Team captains, please keep in contact with Dee during the day.  I try to keep every team updated as other games are finished.  The bracket times are very approximate and act as a guideline.   Games often end sooner than noted, so we will adjust start times and/or field locations as needed to keep things on track and/or moving along.  As we all know most HRL games do not take 1.5 hours, and last year we were well ahead of schedule by the afternoon. 
    • As a result, the field designations are just a guide.  We will keep the games moving by starting games earlier as needed on other fields.  I have also noted on my sheet a priority of which games in each round should start first, to minimize downtime and get done earlier.
    • Please keep games moving along.  If your field is open, please warm-up and start as soon as possible. 
    • Note there is no official lunch break, due to time constraints.  But you should have games off.  Just check with Dee if you have any questions about your next gametime.
    • We will play through rain, snow or monsoon.  Lightning and/or dangerous field conditions would be the only reason we may postpone play.  Otherwise we will try to wait out any delays that day to keep things on schedule.
    • Radar guns will be available and we will be gauging speeds as much as possible or needed, similar to All-Star Night.  Being a 'league event' you are expected to throw within the limit.
    • We will be keeping sheets and entering stats this year, so please bring scoresheets if you can.  As you finish each game, turn in the sheets for that game when reporting results.  At the end I'll be looking for a few volunteers to help with entering the stack of sheets.
    • I'll be providing some doughnuts and beverages for those playing 9:00 games.  Courtesy of MOA.  First come, first served.
    • Otherwise it is BYOEverything.
But the event is open to the public; come on down and watch some great wiffles on what looks to be a beautiful weekend!

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