And just like that the 2011 season is done, but not before the Orioles 'fulfill their destiny' to become the 2011 HRL Champs!  Full boxscores, DEEtails and video recaps will come soon, but for now here is a quick synopsis of how the Orioles were able to climb to the top in only their second year in the HRL:

Game 1
Orioles: 3
Red Sox: 1

Orioles SP: Beardface (W)
Red Sox SP: The Man (L)

Shants hits a 3 run dinger and that is enough to win it.

Game 2
Red Sox: 6
Orioles: 5

Red Sox SP: Tugboat (W)
Orioles SP: TJ (L)

In the top of the 2nd the score was 3-2 Orioles with Martini hitting a 2-run HR.
In the top of the 5th The Man hits a bomb to tie it.
Going into the bottom of the 7th the score had become 5-3 via a TJ homerun and Billy's sac fly, but, Martini in exciting fashion goes long with a 3 run walkoff homerun.

Game 3
Orioles: 3
Red Sox: 1
Orioles SP: Beardface (W)
Red Sox SP: The Man (L)

The Orioles are your 2011 World Series Champs in 3 games.

World Series MVP: Beardface
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# beardy
Friday, December 23, 2011 12:22 PM
Any word on where the video is for this, or even just the stats?
# beardy
Tuesday, April 17, 2012 12:50 PM
Still no stats, wtf? I can't remember what I did at the plate when I was pitching.
# deesnider
Tuesday, May 29, 2012 9:42 AM
You shut your mouth when you're talking to me!

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