From 2004 until 2009 all seemed right with the wiffleball world.  Over the course of six years the HRL grew from one city and 8 teams to a two-city, 20-team mega-league.  We started one of the largest charity wiffleball tournaments in the country.  We showed the world what a wiffle website should be.  We conquered wiffles in Iowa, Illinois and Michigan.  The press loved us.  And we had one man to thank for all of it...Truck.

And then something happened in 2009.  Truck was tired, physically and mentally.  After six years of blood, sweat and tears he decided it was time to step aside and become 'just a player'.

A few weeks later I was in shock again as I sat at the helm of the league he had created.  It was a lot of pressure to try to live up to.  See the 'small' list of accomplishments above.  But luckily I had learned from the best, Truck himself.  

Well, unfortunately after two years it's now my turn to say 'so long, and thanks for all the fish'.  I told myself before I started that at the end of each season I needed to make sure that I was doing the right thing for myself and the league.  That I could put in the time and effort needed to run the HRL.  And today I realized the answer was 'no'.  Life is slowly catching up with me.  Obviously we all have real lives outside of the Messageboard, outside of these wiffle personas.  And mine is changing just enough that I couldn't make the time commitment anymore.

But it's not a sad day.  Not for me, not for the HRL.  As I'm pleased to announce that none other than Truck himself has agreed to return as Commissioner effective immediately!  That's right, the true Chairman of the Board.  The Boss.  He's back!  

Obviously I couldn't go out on a happier note, knowing that he will be returning to his rightful place, atop the wiffle empire he created.  But this time, I think we have the system in place to help him last six...six....sixty-six years.  Sanchez, Ten and K-Mart will be staying on as league officers, helping Truck where needed.  The same help they gave me over the past two years.  There is no way I could have done this without them.

And a quick thanks to you, HRL, for everything you did as well.  Thanks to those of you who helped out in their own way.  At All-Star Night or setting up for the playoffs, just to name a couple examples.  And thanks for any kind words along the way.  It's a tough job and knowing it meant something to the players was the motivation and reward.

Thank you, HRL!
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