With the HRL expanding from 20 to 24 teams for the upcoming season, there will be many new faces in the HRL in 2013.  One of the new clubs is the Cardinals, who will call Eagan their home.  The Cards' ship is steered by Adam Beck, whose crew have participated in HRL's Wifflin' for Wishes tournament for many years and finally got their shot at the wiffle 'big time'.  We asked Adam and his teammate Kevin a few questions about what they expect out of their first HRL season.

Q: Many people know you came into the league via the annual Wifflin’ for Wishes tournament. What has the W4W experience been like for you?
A: Lots of beers, lots of laughs, and lots of shameful strikeouts. We have also learned that sunscreen is a must. The high socks do not cover the back of your knees and short shorts do not cover thighs…

Q: Did you meet many HRL players at W4W and what made you want to join the HRL?
A: Met a few teams throughout the years. We have been hoping to get a spot for a few years now. This also gives us a great excuse to get out and play wiffle since the ‘real world’ prohibits us from playing on a weekly basis for fun…in our
parents’ yards...

Q: What can the league expect from the Cardinals in their first season?
A: Hopefully not too much. You can expect to have a reliable team there every week to beat up on and share beers with!  Expect the occasional upset win as well.

Q: Any initial impressions on joining the HRL?
A: Seems like a great group of guys. Looking forward to a fun season and many more to come hopefully.  Also, mustaches seem cool with this league…we dig that.

Q: What are you looking forward to the most?
A: Getting outside in the sun, having some cold ones and just having some fun.  Also, to a season-ending-injury free season.

Q: What are the favorite beers of the Eagan Cardinals?

A: Keystone Light, Mich Golden Light, Grain Belt Premium amongst many others.  Those seem to be our sport drinks of choice. Go down easy in the sun.

Q: What HRL player or team do you look most forward to facing? Least forward?

A:  Most forward – There is a team with hot babes right?  Least forward – Anyone with a 6 foot breaking ball.

Q: What wiffle skills will help the Cardinals compete in the HRL? Any skills beyond wiffle that will help?
A: I think we could lead the league in foul ball home runs. That should count for something.  I’m sure Adam’s pasty shoulders will blind a few people into a strikeout. That should help us.  We are good at sharing beers. This may come in handy in the later innings.

Q: Your prediction for the Cardinals in 2013?
A: We'll start on a 6 game losing streak. Win 4 in a row, get overly confident, have too many beers, and then finish with a winning percentage somewhere below the Mendoza Line. One of us will have to sleep in their car for the night because they had too many beers and served up the winning home run. The team refuses to give him a ride home because of it.

Our prediction?  Entertainment.  Welcome to the HRL, Cardinals!
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