Friends, wifflers, degenerates... lend me your ears!

Once again, due to circumstances beyond our control, (*coughSNOWcough*) our hand has been forced and we will once again be delaying the start of wiffle season by another week.  May 6th will now be the start of the season.  Let's hope we can finally start to get that warm, dry weather that has eluded us lately...

What we've done with the games originally scheduled for April 29th and May 2nd is they are all going to be made up within the first 3 weeks of the season.  So that means all teams will have two game nights in one week at some point in the first three weeks.

The schedule has already been changed to reflect this, so you can go to the site and check it out and plan accordingly.  No changes are being made to the end of season or playoffs with this move, and by the end of Week 3, we'll all have played 4 weeks worth of wiffles... (weather permitting of course.)

It'll be worth the wait, guys... I promise!  Keep calm and wiffle on!


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