Prepare for wiffle overload, as two of the HRL's favorite events come crashing together in one glorious day of wiffles on Saturday, Septemebr 7th at Pilot Knob in Eagan.  It should be a memorable day of fun for sure-- so make sure your team shows up!!!

Starting at 9am, the 16 teams who did not make the playoffs will gather together to play a tournament that means absolutely nothing:  Wifflepalooza!  There's a cool trophy waiting for the winner of this event, and the 4-teams who go 2-and-through will also have a little something waiting for them as well.  All teams will get a minimum of two games and a maximum of four if they keep winning.

The bracketing and field layout are below, but the itinerary for the day will go a little something like this (all times are approximate and we will move the times up if the games go quicker than the 1 1/2 hour time slot they are given):

8:00 am:  Field set-up, warm-ups (help welcomed!)
9:00 am:  First four 1st round games
10:30 am:  Last four 1st round games
Noon:  Second round games
1:30 pm:  Wiffle-pa-Loser round (all the teams that lost their first games get a second one)
3:00 pm:  Final 4 round on fields 1 and 2, Home Run Derby on fields 3 and 4.
4:30 pm:  Wifflepalooza Finals
6:00 pm:  Noob-Star Game  (4 innings or 45 minutes, whatever happens first)
7:00 pm:  Fun-Star Game (4 innings or 45 minutes, whatever happens first)
8:00 pm:  All-Star Game (9 innings or the lights shut off, whatever happens first)
10:00 pm and on:  Official postgame party at the NASbar (Valley Lounge on Hwy 13 & Yankee Doodle in Eagan)

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