Yet another upcoming HRL event for you guys to put on your calendars.  This one is something that hasn't been tried before, and I am pumped about it.

I'm calling it WIFFtoberfest!

What is it, you ask?  It is going to be an all-day tournament, open to HRL players past and present (plus those jokers from Iowa).  Players will be picked completely at random and the assembled teams will duke it out for fun's sake in the cool October weather.  Beer, of course, is highly encouraged at WIFFtoberfest.  BYOB.  Bring a small grill, cook up some brats, burgers, whatever.  It's gunna be a fun day!

When:  Saturday, October 12th, 10:00am
Where:  Central Park, Hopkins (the rink, not the softball field)
Who:  All HRL'ers past & present
Cost:  Nada!

If you have the email addies of any retired wifflers, please forward this on to them and get them to blow the dust off the cleats and join us!

I will need to get a head count since the # of teams will be determined by the number of players.  You don't have to let me know right away if you're in or out, just sometime in the next few weeks.  There's a Facebook event set up, you can let me know you're in that way too:

This will probably be a double elimination tournament but once I get an idea how many players/teams we're looking at, that could change.  We'll have the two fields in the rink and two temporary fields set up close by (similar to the Wifflepalooza setup).

We will have a pre-tournament random draft party the night before (Friday, October 11) at a watering hole yet to be determined.  Once we know where, I will pass that info on.

So who is up for some awesomely fun, meaningless wiffles in October??  Lemme know.


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# Pr0k
Friday, September 6, 2013 9:43 PM
Will be there fo sho

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