First of all, congrats to all who were voted in by a jury of their peers!  I need to know ASAP if you plan to be there should you have been voted in, otherwise, we'll start working down the list of alternates (UPDATES will be made to the final rosters here as needed).

Noob-Star Game @ 6pm
Fun-Star Game @ 7pm
All-Star Game @ 8pm

Eagan All-Stars:
Hitting:  H8R, Dugout, Monsoon, Torpedo, Nightmare, Box
Hitting Alternates (in order): Rex, Fedawg, JC, Hjal, Web Gem
Pitching:  Dr. Seuss, Hjal, Hardball
Pitching Alternates (in order): Shirls, Monsoon, Web Gem
Fielding:  Box, Web Gem
Fielding Alternates (in order): Dick Crabbs, The Kid, Sloshy

Hopkins All-Stars:
Hitting: Beardface, Aquaman, TJ, TwoBat, Taco, Smallpox
Hitting Alternates (in order): Sanchez, The Man, Mat, Tugboat, Chops
Pitching:  Sticks, Tugboat, Beardface
Pitching Alternates (in order):  DJ, Shandy, The Man
Fielding:  Pearl, Edgar
Fielding Alternates (in order): Thor, Aquaman, Mippey5

Eagan Fun-Stars:
Westy, Coop, Cheezy, CX, Dutch, Madman
Alternates:  J-Zilla, Ten, TT, Yo

Hopkins Fun-Stars:
Eddie Bauer, Sparky, Vlade, K-Mart, Pork Buoy, Dr. Jeez
Alternates:  Dirty Steve, JVT, Nelson, Truck

Congrats again to all who were voted in!  Selected rookies will be hearing from me in the next day or so about the Noob-Star Game.

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Barry Soetoro
Thursday, September 5, 2013 6:59 AM
Eagan is going to get smoked!!

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