We'll try and keep this page updated periodically as new moves are announced.  We'll also have a list of Free Agents (players available to join a team) at the bottom of this page:

November 1:
Cubs:  Moneyshot 's looking for a few good men (or ladies, he goes both ways).  Six to be exact.  Contact Moneyshot or the Commish if you're interested in joining.  Good opportunity perhaps for some new players to join in.

Reds:  have released Skid Marcs.

Marlins:  have released Cousin Dave and Holiday Road

Cardinals:  have released Freak and Web

Colt .45's:  Dutch has retired, TT has decided to become a free agent.  Westy is now the team captain.

Marlins:  Schnoogens announces the Marlins have signed TT.

Rockies:  Announce their team name changed to the Rays.

Reds:  Announce they have signed free agent Mat Peisert, formerly of the A's.

November 2:

Red Sox:  Formally announce they are breaking the team up.  The Red Sox name will be retired.  Tugboat, Edgar, Martini, and Washman have all retired.  Dr. Jesus, Dirty Steve, and The Man are all entering the Free Agent pool.

November 4:

Expos:  Announce they have signed free agent Dr. Jesus, formerly of the Red Sox.  He'll now be known as Dr. Xesus.  CX is now the team captain.

Tigers & A's:  have officially been disbanded.  Players remaining have been given the option to merge into one team but this was not generally well received.  Players who are still interested have been added to the free agent pool.

November 6:

Braves: To the surprise of absolutely nobody, Braves announce they have signed The Man as a free agent.

Cubs:  Have kept the services of Hot Karl, and signed original 2004 HRL'er Mike P, as well as new players Tony Scully and Will Fisher.

Free Agent list as of November 6:
Wiffle Kevin
Dirty Steve
Trent (Tigers) - wants to play in Hopkins
Kramer (A's)
Wall Street (A's) - likely as a part-timer/7th man
Sham Wow (Tigers)
Boomhauer (Tigers) - wants to play in Hopkins
Doug Brown (Tigers) - available as a 7th man for a Hopkins team

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