Hey All,
 There has been a slight change of plans to this year's Winter Meeting that I'd like to convey to everyone. Previously we were going to have it at Gluek's starting at 7pm, but a new opportunity has presented itself so we're going with a different location and an earlier start time.
DATE:                       2/8/14
TIME:                        5pm social hour / 6 pm meeting start time
LOCATION:             Shaw's Bar & Grill (NE MPLS)
There are a few reasons for the change - the main one being that Shaw has been gracious enough to let us hold a beer bust that evening from 7-9pm. All the proceeds will go to the HRL Extreme Team's Polar Plunge fundraiser (we take the plunge on March 1st @ Lake Calhoun).
Some of the benefits of this change for the average HRL Winter Meeting attendee include:
1. Free Parking!
2. Come early and enjoy a delicious Shaw Burger
3. All-you-can-drink beer (likely Coors Light) from 7-9pm for only $10
4. There will likely be some entertainment later on in the form of Karaoke or a live band.
5. Once done at Shaw's there are numerous other bars & taprooms in the area to enjoy.
Layout for the evening...
We'd like to get going on the "official" HRL stuff as close to 6pm as possible so we can get it wrapped up before the beer bust starts at 7pm. The current agenda includes:
1. Division draw/draft
2. Intercity opponents draft
3. Discussing any proposed rules changes for the 2014 season (not voting at this time, but rather bringing them to the table for a later online vote).
Once those items have been taken care of it's all HRL'er for themselves as our great winter social tradition continues into the night.
Why is having a beer bust at the Winter Meeting important?
For this year's Polar Plunge we reached out to the MN Roller Girls and challenged them to see which organization's plunge team could raise the most money. They accepted the challenge and on January 21st representatives from both teams are meeting to agree upon the stakes of said challenge. It may or may not be such a friendly wager...
One of the overall goals of the HRL Brass for 2014 is to raise awareness in the community of who we are, what we achieve on a charity level, and to improve on our current charity efforts. 

How can you help?
1. Sign up to join the Pluge team or choose your favorite team member (Sanchez) and donate today:
2. Show up for the Winter Meeting
3. Invite others (friends, girlfriends / wives, co-workers, etc) to join us at 7pm for the beer bust!
If possible please let us know if you plan on attending via the facebook winter meeting page:
We look forward to seeing you all on the 8th!


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