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The league is pleased to announce the participants of this year's All-Star/Fun-Star Night!  Voting for All-Stars and Fun-Stars took place between June 19th and the 28th, with excellent participation in both cities.  Here are your particpants!

Home Run Derby:
  Doc, Tubby, Spoon, Yo, T-Bag
Hopkins:  Spaz, Sanchez, Chops, Hendi, Two Bat

The Commish's Noob-Star Game:
Eagan:  Hal, Bombo, Rondell, Gym Class, HBK, B-Dubz, Dr. Z
Hopkins:  The Kid, The Hammer, Wole, Pukeboy, Pearl, C-Bass, Trent

Fun-Star Game:
  Bork, CX, Dee, Truck, Ten, Yo, Madman, T-Bag
Hopkins:  Joe, Westy, Dutch, Dr. Hate, K-Mart, Nelson, The Dude, Dr. Jesus

All-Star Game:
  J-Ski, Tubby, Spoon, Doc, Coop, Yo ..... Alternates:  Seibs, Truck
Pitchers:  Spoon, Doc, Seibs, Palpatine  ..... Alternates:  Molgs
Fielder:  H8R ..... Alternate:  The Deuce

Hitters:  Sanchez, Hendi, Chops, Spaz, DJ ..... Alternates:  Two Bat, Edgar, Dr. Jesus
Pitchers:  Shirls, Tugboat, The Man ..... Alternates:  The Kid, AC
Fielder:  Tugboat ..... Alternate:  Silver

Congrats to all players named to the evening's festivities!!!


All-Star Night 2007 Preview
Voting is underway as we speak by the players of the HRL in the All-Star/Fun-Star voting.  The league’s signature event will take place on Friday, July 6th, at 6pm, at Sky Hill Park in Eagan.  Voting will conclude on Thursday night, June 28th, and the results will be posted here on Friday evening, June 29th.  Let’s take a look at the events and the past results:

6:30pm:  Home Run Derby
Who’s in: The top 5 HR hitters in each city take part in the Derby. Each hitter gets 10 “outs” in the first round (an out is any swing that isn’t a homer), and we narrow it from there based on the first round results.
History: In 2005, T-Bag (Eagan) narrowly defeated K-Mart (Hopkins) in the final that was broadcast to the entire Metro area on KARE 11 to clinch the first ever HR Derby. 2006’s Derby saw a 3-way final between Balls (Hopkins), Rosie (Hopkins) and Molgs (Eagan), with the Brewers’ Rosie winning the final round and winning the HRL’s second Derby.

7:30pm:  The Commish’s Rookie Game
Who’s in: Rookies selected by The Commish, with priority given to outstanding rookies not participating in any of the other events.  Game is 4 innings or 45 minutes, whichever comes first.
History: 2006 was the first ever Rookie Game. Brian “Spoon” Payne won MVP honors in the inaugural tilt as he led Eagan to a 3-1 win with great pitching and a HR on offense.

Watch past All-Star Night videos!

2006 All-Star Night (22:49)

2005 All-Star Night (12:00)

8:15pm:  Fun-Star Game
Who’s in:
As voted by their peers, the top 5 guys in each city who are truly fun players, regardless of skill.  Game is 4 innings or 45 minutes, whichever comes first.
History: The inaugural Fun-Star Game in ‘05 was a wacky event that involved squirt guns, firecrackers, and shorts pulled up past the nipples. Great times indeed, resulting in a 12-7 win for Eagan. The 2006 event was equally as fun, ushering in new traditions such as “slapping the sack”, as Hopkins won this low-scoring tilt, 2-0, on a pair of HR’s by Dutch.

9:00pm:  All-Star Game
Who’s in: As voted by their peers, the five best hitters in each city (the batting lineups for each team), the three best pitchers in each city (each will throw three innings), and the best defensive player in each city (will play the field the entire game), this pits what is truly the best against the best in a 9-inning contest, which serves as a tiebreaker should the Intercity Scoreboard end in a tie, determining who will get homefield advantage in the World Series.
History: The first ever All-Star game was pretty one-sided, as Hopkins rolled on their home field to a 9-1 win. Chops was the Hopkins MVP for his unbridled hitting prowess, and deadly southpaw Doc won Eagan MVP for his stunning pitching line: 3 IP, 9 batters faced, 9K. The second edition was a classic, as The Man struck out Truck, who was the winning run at the plate in the bottom of the 9th in a 4-3 win for Hopkins.  Truck won Eagan MVP honors with a pair of clutch homers, and The Man won Hopkins MVP for great hitting, slamming into a cooler, and even more clutch pitching.

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