Q & A with Pat "Truck" Moriarty

This is the first installment of a new column where we will better get to know the many colorful (and not so colorful) personalities in the HRL. Every week I will profile a different player in the League through some serious, and not so serious, Q & A. It only makes sense to start with our leader/mentor/commish and guy we all wish we could pitch like – Pat Moriarty – better known as Truck.

Truck is a 30 year old guy who was born and raised in Baldwinville, Massachusetts which is about an hour west of Boston.  He is married with two wonderful kids we all are getting the opportunity to know throughout the seasons.  This is his league – his 3rd baby.  That baby is about one and a half years old now.  His day job requires that he be the Office Manager of an American Family Insurance Agency office. He likes that fine but has bigger dreams.  His first memory of wiffle-like activities was playing stick ball with tennis balls back in grade school.  He vividly remembers being beaned in the eye by his dad (who some of us had the opportunity to talk to during the Super Bowl – a nice fella). Wiffle as we know it started for Pat when he was 11 years old.  It was then that the embryonic HRL Mass was formed. At the time it was just a bunch of his friends and himself throwing around the plastic but it led to what Truck brought 1,500 miles with him when he moved to Minnesota from Massachusetts 2 years ago – the HRL Twin Cities.

Q: What is your dream job?
A: That would be to figure out a way to make a modest living running/operating and playing in a wiffle league.

Q: What is your fondest HRL (Minnesota) moment?
A: Opening day last year. The feeling in the air that night made me realize that the league was going to take off.

Q: Who do you least look forward to pitching to in the HRL?
A: Definitely J-Ski (Jaime Nowaczewski).  Toughest out in the League.

Q: Most embarrassing HRL moment?
A: Playing against the Braves last year – I dove for a ball in the OF and in the process of straining my quad in awkward fashion, I also wound up with my shorts around my knees.

Q: You are on an island for the rest of your life and you get unlimited amounts of only 3 foods to take with – what are they?
A: Brats, Buffalo Wings, Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Q: Beverage of choice?
A: Captain & Coke (gets him through all those website updates)

Q: Favorite type and brand of peanut butter?
A: Cub Foods brand  - Chunky

Q: Favorite MLB player of all time?
A: George Brett

Q: If you could make one MLB player face you in wiffle ball – who would it be?
A: A-Rod – I would love to K his punk ass.

Q: Has wiffle ball ever gotten you laid?
A: No. In fact, quite the opposite – on many occasions it has caused me NOT to get laid.

Q: Top 3 movies of all time?
A: Dead Poets Society, Star Wars (any of them), and 21 Grams.

Q: Who will win the HRL this year?
A: I can't say who will win for sure but I will hold tight to my pre-season prediction of a Royals/Braves Championship.

So that's it for our first installment of A Side of Cheese. We learned a lot about our Commish. I am most curious about that 3rd favorite movie of all time…and why is a life-long Red Sox fan's favorite player George Brett???? Next week we profile Vice Commish Joe Lawrence.

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