Noobs in Hopkins NL down, but not out

By David Silverstein

After a productive spring training, and strong Opening Day showing, the Dodgers find themselves lost in a funk. "We're simply NOT a 1 and 7 team," declared Dodger ace, Hobbs. Since playing in the highest scoring game in HRL history, and then 1 hitting the Padres, the Dodgers can't seem to find a break.

"If you don't count the injuries, crap weather, strange errors, and bad luck… we're doing pretty well!" says Silver.  That's not to say the teams they've faced are pushovers. On the contrary, the talent in Hopkins is quite good.

"Our hitting is solid. We just can't seem to get all our lively bats to show up to the same game. One night it's Dutch and I tearin' it up. The next night, we're all being shut down, except for Dr. K... And he's hitting home runs."

Leg of Bliss.

Bruise or flesh eating virus?
After spending all of Spring Training on the DL, Mike Bliss was able to join the team in time for Opening Day. But after the series against the Braves, he found his way back to the DL, with a nasty hamstring pull. "It looks a lot worse than it is," said Bliss, who should return to the team in time for the series against the Twins. "Pretty alarming color, I must say.  But I was glad to take one for the team."

Dutch's bruised ribs last week added to the fun. While chasing down a home run, wild man Dutch slammed left boob first, into the wall. "My ribs don't feel much better today.  Not any worse, but not any better." No breast-feeding this week.

Throw in Silver's popped out shoulder from the Padres match up, and this week off may be just what the Dodgers needed.

But rest assured, HRL, the Dodgers are hungry, scrappy, pissed off and just a bit crazy enough to get it done.

I think Hobbs sums it up best: "June = Month of the "W"s in Dodgertown..."

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