We like beer, yes we do.With the season over nearly a month and plenty of Hot Stove talk since that time, it's nearly time for us all to gather again.  Thus the HRL Home Office proudly announces an excuse to get together and drink, also known as The Winter Meeting.

When: Saturday, November 13th, 6pm
Where: Sgt. Preston's, 221 Cedar Ave S, Minneapolis  |
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Topics of discussion will range from the 2005 Schedule, locations, possible rule changes, hot waitresses, and the drink menu.  All players, old and new, are invited to participate.

The 2005 Site
I've been behind the scenes getting the web site for HRLTC 2005 going, and I honestly think it's going to be much better and easier on the eyes than this one.  I can't give you a full preview yet, but here's a sneak peek at the 2005 HRLTC logo. I'm gunning for a web launch sometime between Thanksgiving and December 1st. I'll keep y'all posted.

Latest Hot Stove Report
For those who don't yet know, there's been some movement among the rosters that will alter the scene slightly.  Here's the latest:

Mike, Royals – Out for 2005. He moved to North Carolina, didn't tell us (the prick) and now the Royals are looking to replace the hefty switch hitter. He has, however, resumed pooping on our message board, giving it that homey feel we've lacked since September.

Tom, Braves – Out for 2005. This is, we're told, a 99% certainty, as Tom will be returning to his homeland to further his education. The Braves will likely counter Tom's departure from the lineup by signing Keith "Torpedo" Pabon, Rocket's brother, giving the Braves club a distinctly Latin flavor.  Speaking of Latin…

Pablo, Braves – Out for 2005. This is almost as certain as Tom.  Apparently Pablo was hit with a double heart attack, a shocking event indeed, that will likely leave the likeable little guy on the sidelines, at least for next season. Best wishes to Pablo from all of us at the league.

Nine, Phillies – Questionable for 2005.  Word leaked from the Padres offices that Nine suffered an ACL tear recently.  MRI results are pending, but it's no certainty that Nine will be ready by the time the curtain goes up on the 2005 season. We'll be awaiting a Padres press conference soon.  Again, best wishes from the HRL.

The Pirate, A's – Has said he may hang it up after just one glorious season, but many in the league feel that by the time the snow melts, he'll be rearin' to go, whether it's with the A's or elsewhere. Don't think good bye just yet, fans! As for the A's, the very future of their team likely depends on Mathis' willingness to play in '05. More as we get it.

Willie, Yankees – While the Yankees have not publicly admitted to wanting to keep Willie on for 2005, he'll have no trouble finding a suitor if they don't, as the offensively challenged Royals are ready, willing and able to snap up the fiery right-handed power hitter should the Yankees let him go.

Pat & Craig, Expos – It's certain that The Brothers Nowaczewski and Christian have vowed to wreak havoc in '05 as the X, it's been rumored that Pat and Craig may leave the X to form a team of their own.  Nothing substantive yet, but stay tuned!

Brewers – The Crew, as of now, likely will not replace Westy, who was signed by the Padres, and will go thru 2005 as a three-man club. Don't count them completely out, though, as there have been slight rumblings about them introducing a new player into the fold.

New teams – A new club formed when The Steves teamed with fellow St. Louisian Demetrius AKA Lefty LaForge (all rookies) to form the Cardinals.  With these guys combined pitching ability (seen in full display at the recent Fall Sessions), look for these guys to be legit. The Cubs consist of five fairly young guys who all love beer and can play the game pretty well too.  All signs point to the Cubbies being a very cool team to watch next year.  The Fall Sessions produced 15 new players in all, and were deemed a huge success by the league offices.

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