At my apartment, we have a saying when a player from the opposing team strikes out. It isn't anything I would say to my mother on a regular day, and I don't suppose anyone on the wiffle fields would appreciate it either. Plain and simple, you go down either looking or swinging and you can be rest assured that the phrase, "Sit down, Bitch!"  goes through my head.

Truck likes to set a good example

At the beginning of the season I didn't know what to expect from my pitching. I never had any training on how to throw a wiffle ball, and during our "spring training" I just went up there thinking as long as I hit the ump once or twice every batter I should be fine. Strikeouts weren't my priority, just getting outs would be just fine with me.

Three games into the Braves' season I was set to make my debut on the mound. My goal, two strikeouts in six innings. As it turned out I only had to pitch four innings due to my supporting cast's massive offensive output. I ended up with three strikeouts and went home happy and with a win.

My strikeout ratio has gone up consistently throughout the season and since the first game I've noticed everyone's control has improved, mine included. Walks are down and strikeouts are up. So next time I see you strikeout just remember what's going through my head…"Sit down, Bitch!"

Nick "Sanchez" Consoer is an HRL:TC writer as well as a player for the Braves. Comments or questions can be addressed to Nick at the Message Board.

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