So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish
by Pat “Truck” Moriarty
Posted October 28, 2009

When I first moved out here to Minnesota in 2003, I couldn’t possibly have even dreamt the scenario that would unfold before me in the coming years. All I wanted to do was play a little wiffle ball, I mean, I’d grown up playing it, and to all of a sudden not have it in my life… well, let’s just say it was an addiction that I wasn’t nearly as ready to give up as I thought.

The move to Minnesota, I always tell people, is bar-none the biggest (and best) risk-reward decision I ever made for me and my family. And it paid off huge, in large part to a small idea that blew up, this little wiffle league we like to call the HRL.

There’s no need to recap the six summers that ensued—they’ve been recounted ad nauseam in the news stories and the DVD’s. Amazing times, and amazing stories we’ll always remember. Many of us have traversed it together for most, if not all that time. Faces and personalities have come and gone, and memorable new people add to the growing legend every spring.

I have no idea how we collectively got so lucky, how the stars aligned so well, that such a solid, dedicated group of guys came together to give this league the status it continues to bask in. It amazes me to think about it. It could have gone so wrong in so many different ways. But it never did, and it continued to snowball with one fortunate turn after another.

I’ve made some friends that I think I’ll be tight with long after we put the plastic balls and bats away for good. Friendships and relationships have started and blossomed because of this league that never would have happened otherwise. There's a genuine affection that exists between nearly every player in the league. The HRL goes so far beyond the rinks we congregate at.

Looking back with nothing but a smile and a tremendous amount of pride, I leave the league itself in the hands of these people who I know will keep our run of good fortune rolling in the right direction. This should not be a sad time—as I am not sad. This should not be a time for concern or fear—as there is nothing to worry about because nothing’s going to change in how the league operates. Instead, I gladly accept the many notes of thanks I have received and say to you all: You’re very welcome. I’m incredibly happy to know what I’ve started has meant so much and brought so much joy to all of you. I know you’ll experience the same happiness and joy courtesy of the people steering the boat now.

It’s with that positivity that I very happily take a seat with the lot of you on said boat as a passenger. I’m sure gunna enjoy the ride! Get me my helmet and pass the rum!



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# Bork
Wednesday, October 28, 2009 8:36 PM

Thanks so much for all of your care, love and dedication you have given to the HRL and it's players. I personally, have so many more great friends because of playing in the HRL. I can't even begin to tell you how much fun I have had over the last 5 years. The league extends so much further than just playing wiffleball 1 night a week...oh and for putting up w/ all of the Tribe's sh*t since 2005. :)

Love you man. Have a great time as a player only. Those in charge care as much as you and everyone else in the league, we will be just fine.


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