The Free Agency period runs from Nov 1st to Dec 18th.  Teams announce player additions, free agents, team changes, etc, during this time.  Players can declare their Free Agent status.  Players (new and old) hoping to be picked up by a team will be added to the Free Agent list on the right.  Please contact Dee with any questions or concerns.


On Saturday, Nov. 7th at 11AM we'll be holding a Fall Combine at Sky Hill Park.  All potential FAs (as well as HRLers) are welcome.  Likely your last chance to meet-and-greet or to get in some wiffles this season!





Current Free Agent list:
    "Alex" Valen
  Matt "Gusto" Gustavson
                              Drew "Drizzle" Ely (R)
  Joel Brown (R)


Note to HRL managers: Contact info for free agents can be found in
the FA thread on the MB.


(The league is looking to add players to the free agent list.  If you’re looking to join the league, please
contact The Commish.)

(R) = Rookie Free Agent



11/30/09: 60Hz becomes the new manager of the A's.


The A's announce the signing of rookie free agent Paul "New Guy" Sieka.




11/2/09: The league has folded the Angels franchise and Jay and Alex have become free agents.

The league is looking at its list of interested teams in finding a replacement in Hopkins. 

12/14/09: The league announces the addition of a rookie team headed up by J.R. Westberg.  They will take the Angels spot and currently have a 4-man roster:

Billy Porter
T.J. Therrien
Robbie Raymond
J.R. Westberg 

Final team name and other details will follow.




11/3/09: Team plans on returning as-is for 2010.

11/22/09: The Astros have signed free agent Hjalmar "Hal" Westie.


Blue Jays
11/1/09: Team will return as-is for 2010.  


11/3/09: Team will return as-is for 2010.


Colt .45’s

11/1/09:  The Colt .45's announce that Uncle John and Fella have both retired.


Erik "Seibs" Seiberlich is a Free Agent for the 2010 season.



11/1/09: Team will return as-is for 2010.


Dodgers 11/3/09: Team will return for 2010.  


12/14/09:  Team will return for 2010.



11/3/09: Team will return as-is for 2010.



11/1/09: Bob "Coop" McDonough announced that he is a Free Agent for the 2010 season.


11/2/09: The Indians confirm the release of Coop and also announce the release of "Al" Leverty.  Both are free agents in 2010.


The Indians sign free agent Seibs and his former Tiger teammate, Teddy "Doc" Golberg.


Molgs has also stepped down as Tribe GM and is replaced by Bork.


Marlins 11/3/09: The Marlins announce the release of Matt "Gusto" Gustavson and have signed Bryan "Thor" Thorsell as a full-time replacement.  The rest of the team will return as-is.  


11/12/09: The Mets announce the retirement of Zack "Monk" Ryan.


11/17/09: The Mets announce the signing of Pat "Truck" Moriarty.



11/2/09: The Phillies are currently planning to return as-is for 2010.



11/2/09: The Pirates announce the retirement of Brian "B+" Aylmer.


11/3/09: The Deuce has declared himself a Free Agent.


11/23/09: The Pirates release Trevor "Ashley" McCauley.


1/6/10: The Pirates announce the signing of FA Jay Briemhorst and former HRLers Dave "Lumbercorn" Halvorson and Matt "Fedawg" Nelson.


Red Sox

11/2/09: Team will return in 2010.



11/14/09: Team is returning as-is.  They could also possibly add a free agent or call-up a player from their farm system.




11/2/09: Team will return as-is for 2010.


11/16/09: The Royals have released Pat "Truck" Moriarty and have changed their team name to the Yankees.  They will look to fill their open roster spot.


Sean "Rocket" Pabon will take over as GM.  


11/18/09: The Yankees have released Hjalmar "Hal" Westie.


11/19/09: The Yankees announce the signing of rookie Derek "Rocky" Marsh.


11/23/09: The Yankees have signed free agent and former Pirate Trevor "Ashley" McCauley.



11/3/09: The Twins announce the signing of Joe "The Deuce" Bloom.


White Sox

11/6/09: The White Sox announce the retirement of Brian "Camera Guy" Rohrbacher.  The status of Stefan "Pepsi" Bartkowicz is unclear but he remains in their farm system in the meantime.


The Sox announce the full-time return of Chad "Spaz" Heyda and the signing of two free agents, Al and Coop, formerly of the Indians.




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